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IRD 400 Design Dynamics Studio IV

In IRD 400, the parameters of design shift from analysis and diagramming in the previous course to application of design strategies in Design Dynamics IV. Students apply these concepts and theories in projects and concurrent courses. Emphasis continues with making in the workshop environment.

Image of an orange fluke with a white pebble, designed by student in IRD 400
Architectural rendering set in dark background, done by student in IRD 400 - IRD 400
Lightbox model with a shining light tunnel - IRD 400
Back-lit black lightbox with an illuminated star-shaped opening - IRD 400
Photo of an un-lit black lightbox with a star-shaped opening - IRD 400
Girl scooping water towards face with both hands - IRD 400
Fingers holding a small acrylic prototype of a design - IRD 400
Hand holding an acrylic prototype, backlit by LED light - IRD 400

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