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New Media

New Media | BFA

Interested in technology and art? Learn to create immersive experiences in the New Media program: Imagination set free.

About the Program

The BFA in New Media fuses emergent technologies with art practice, media production, and theory. As a student in new media, you will master the creative, talk the technical and learn to thrive in entrepreneurship. New media will help you develop your own creative voice, give you the capacity to pursue your particular interests, and provide you with a strong foundation in interaction design, computer programming, gaming and mobile development, interactive storytelling, video and sound production, tangible interfaces, sensors, robotics, wearable computing, experiential design, art installations, digital fabrication and 3D printing.

RTA is committed to developing students with the education, practical experience and network they need to succeed in a competitive marketplace. Employment opportunities for new media graduates include:

Digital Project Management

Video Game Design

Exhibit Curation and Design

Web and Mobile Development

Socia Media Management

Media Art

"New Media helped me find my unique path in the world of art, technology and maker culture "

"We have students who have used this space to help build robotic heads. We've had students make kinetic art... We've had people make props for video projects before." 

Ashley Lewis