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Current Students


New Media has a team of full-time staff (labbies) here to support you. Whether or not they are in you class each week, the New Media team is here to help you with any project you are working on. You can drop by the Makerspace for support during Hack Night on Tuesdays from 1-6pm, or you can book office hours with any of the labbies:

Tess Sutherland
Office: RCC 158B
Phone: 416-979-5000 ext.7473
Office hours: Tess Office Hours, external link


Hack Nights are an open studio opportunity to work on projects, share ideas and network with peers, profs, and staff. The one-on-one discussions and hands-on exploring help clarify topics learned in class, making them easier to handle on your own. Hack Nights create a heightened sense of independence and ownership of your work, your overall understanding of new media, and its corresponding work cultures. The instructors and students who come to hack nights become allies as they seek to solve problems, and get to know one another through their respective creative practices.
Hack Nights take place every Tuesday from 1pm-6pm


New Media students can bank Creative Practice Hours by helping out in the Makerspace or at community events. Volunteer tasks include maintaining the space (clean up and organization), equipment maintenance (3D printers, CNC, power tools) and aiding in special events (workshops, orientation, hack nights, etc). Watch your email for opportunities to sign up! Any questions you may have can be directed to New Media Specialist Tess Sutherland at  

New Media’s facilities are located on the first floor of the RCC - to get there, go through the doors at the end of the hallway to the right of the elevators. New Media students have 24/7 card access to these spaces.

A variety of equipment, including 3D printers and a CNC machine, as well as hand and power tools (see details below) are available to help make your projects more robust. Take a look at the details below to learn how you can optimize the New Media Facilities to create better classwork.


The Makerspace is a place to experiment, explore, build and test new projects and ideas. The Makerspace is fully stocked with materials that enable students to prototype, create and design their work. Since the space is open to all four years of study, the Makerspace is a great place to learn and collaborate! Can't find the answer to your question? Email


We have 3 Creality CR-10 3D Printers in the Makerspace. The printers are maintained by the staff team and student volunteers - if they are out of order, please leave a note on the printer and inform the New Media Team. Filament is provided.

Training on the 3D printers happens in the Making Objects course - RTA 925. If you are unable to take the course but would like to be trained, contact New Media Specialists, Tess (, Meera (, or Jessie ( to arrange a time to be taught proper form and safety procedure.

Once trained, students may use the printers at any time. You may not leave prints unattended for long periods of time in case of print failures.

We stock PLA filament in the Makerspace that is available free for your use. The filaments are stored in the clear plastic bins under the 3D printing tables. After using the filaments, remove from the printer, put them back in their plastic bags and return them to the clear plastic bin under the printers. This increases the lifespan of the filament.

We also stock a number of specialty filaments in the same bin. If you have a particular request that we don’t presently stock, speak to a member of the Makerspace team.

If you would like to use your own filament, please consult with one of the Makerspace staff before doing so.


New Media students are welcome to claim a storage bin in the Makerspace to house their project for a maximum of 1 semester. Please note that the bins are not secured and Ryerson is not responsible for any stolen materials.

In order to claim a bin, log in to Doodle, external link to reserve.

Please be respectful of the Makerspace as a place for project work for all New Media students. The Makerspace is not intended to be a storage room but we understand that larger-scale projects may need to be kept there, temporarily, if work is in progress. If you need to keep a project in the space, label it with your name, contact info (email address or phone number), and removal date. Unlabelled works will be thrown away. Keep your projects in the Makerspace for as few days as possible.


In the RTA Workshop, across from the Makerspace, in RCC158A are workbenches dedicated to soldering and electronics work. The solder, wire and electronic components found there are free for student use. Students must leave the soldering workbenches tidy when they leave.  


Hand tools and drills can be found in The Soldering Room, RCC158A. They are free to use without supervision. Please put them back when you are done with them. Power tools are available under staff supervision (see below).

The following power tools are available

Staff use only:
Mitre Saw
Circular Saw

Supervised use:
Jig Saw
Dremel Ultra Saw
Scroll Saw
Drill Press
Belt Sander

Unsupervised use:
Orbital Sander
Dremel Multi-Tool

Training on the Workshop tools happens in the Making Objects course - RTA 925. If you are unable to take the course but would like to be trained, contact New Media Specialists, Tess (, Meera (, or Jessie ( to arrange a time to be taught proper form and safety procedure.

Once trained, students may sign up to access the tools: google sheetTool Sign-up, external link Or you can use the tools on a drop-in basis during Hack Night on Tuesdays from 1-6pm.


The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine is a computer controlled router that can cut 3-dimensional designs out of metal, wood or plastic. Our ShopBot CNC Machine, external link is located in the RTA Workshop (RCC158A). 

Training on the CNC machine happens in the Making Objects course - RTA 925. If you are unable to take the course but would like to be trained on the CNC machine, contact New Media Specialists, Tess (, Meera (, or Jessie ( to arrange a time.  CNC cutting always happens with a Technician on the New Media team.

Book CNC cutting time slots here: google sheetCNC Sign-up, external link


Students have access to utilize the laser cutters located in the Fab Lab. There is an Epilog Laser Cutter with a bed size of 28x40” and a Universal Laser Cutter with a bed size of 18x32”.

Training on Laser Cutting happens in the Making Objects course - RTA 925. If you are unable to take the course but would like to be trained, contact New Media Specialists, Tess (, Meera (, or Jessie ( to arrange a time.

Both of the laser cutters are specifically reserved for New Media student use on Mondays and Thursdays from 5pm-9pm. During this time a New Media Technician will be in the space to assist with your cut.

To Book Appointments during New Media Laser Cutting time, sign up here: google sheetLaser Cutting Sign-up, external link. Please note that you may only sign up 2 weeks in advance.

In addition, the laser cutters are available to be booked by any FCAD student between 9-5 Monday-Friday. Students must book an appointment by visiting the FabLab in person. During these periods, students must pay a usage fee (detailed on the FabLab website).

Supported Materials for laser cutting are:

  • Paper/ Cardboard
  • Wood & Wood composites
  • Acrylics
  • Natural materials and Fabrics

Materials should not exceed ¼” in thickness.

Materials that CANNOT be cut include:

  • Materials that are painted or laminated
  • Materials that may contain noxious substances/resins
  • Plastics other than acrylics
  • Metal
  • Synthetic fabrics

We do have a dedicated stock of Birch, MDF, and Acrylic (black, white, clear and frosted), all ⅛” in the Workshop that is available free for your use. We stock these sheets in the following sheet dimensions: 15x15”, 15x30”, and 28x40”. You must pick up your own materials before you cut. First check the scraps bin beside the door to the workshop. If you need an entire piece - visit the EDC to take out the Laser Cutting storage keys Sign them out, take only the materials you need from the grey cabinets in the workshop and then return the keys before your cutting time.

The Universal laser cutter can cut material up to 18x32” and the Epilog can cut material up to 28x40”. Assure you pick a size that is appropriate for the laser cutter you are booked on. You can downsize your materials using the power tools in the RTA Workshop in RCC158A.

File Preparation
Files can be provided to the operator on USB Keys or via a web download. Please note that the computers in the Laser Cutting room are Windows based PCs and cannot read USB keys formatted for Mac use (i.e., Mac OS Extended). Please provide files on a FAT (PC Compatible) formatted USB Key. Files in Illustrator (AI) or AutoCad (DWG) are recommended.

The time slots are provided specifically for laser cutting. The operator will oversee the cutting process, but will not permit editing of the file. It is expected that the file will be provided in a ready-to-print state.

File colour mode must be RGB. Line thickness must be 0.01pt

Red lines (255, 0, 0) to cut.
Blue lines (0, 255, 0) to etch.
Black fills (0, 0, 0) to raster.


The Fabrication Lab (FabLab) is a shared space fully accessible to all members of the FCAD community, located on the main floor of the School of Interior Design (SID-104). The FabLab is a hub for 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser cutting, vinyl cutting and more. For more details check the FabLab Website.


Located on the first floor of the Rogers Communications Centre building, the Andy Kufluk Equipment Distribution Centre is RTA's central equipment lock-up, providing reservations, checkouts, assistance, and access to all RTA production facilities and equipment, as well as a selection of shared equipment for use by all students of the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD).

For any access issues please speak to the frontline staff in the EDC. If the issue is not resolved, speak to a New Media Labbie.

Q: How do I log Creative Practice Hours?
A: Please refer to the Creative Practice Hours page

Q: Where is the Makerspace?
A: The Makerspace is located on the first floor of the RCC - RCC 194. To get there, go through the doors at the end of the hallway to the right of the elevators.

Q: I don’t have access to a door or room that I should!
A: Speak to Paula at the front desk in the RTA offices.

Q: Who can I talk to to get extra project help? 

A: If you need more support, reach out to the New Media Labbies

Q: Can I spray paint? 

A: No, spray painting in not permitted in any space in the RCC building. it is recommended you find a space outside, or a space off-campus with aerosol ventilation.

New Media/ Makerspace Inquiries

Steve Daniels

Director, New Media Program

Associate Professor

David Bouchard
Associate Professor

Tess Sutherland

New Media Specialist