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RyeLights is on hold for the 2021-2022 school year.

RyeLights allows members of the Ryerson community to propose changes to the colour of the Ryerson Image Centre and Ryerson School of Image Arts building (RIC/IMA) to highlight important events and causes.

Read the Terms of Application below and make a request by filling out our Lighting Proposal Form.

RyeLights is the only on-campus media facade of its kind. It represents a unique opportunity for community engagement through light, architecture, and social media.

Lighting on the building runs from sundown until midnight.


Terms of Application

Ryerson University will consider lighting proposals for various events and/or causes.

Please note that lighting cannot be considered for:

  • commercial requests (e.g. product launches, corporate events)
  • requests related to specific political parties or candidates
  • personal occasions (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries)

Lighting proposals are at the sole discretion of Ryerson University management and not subject to appeals or negotiation. Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • timeliness (ie. how is the preferred date for your lighting proposal relevant?)
  • tie-in to on-campus events (ie. does the lighting proposal compliment an on-campus function?)
  • inclusivity (ie. does the lighting proposal support the promotion of inclusivity and diversity?)

Due to the volume of applications, all proposals cannot be accommodated although preference will also be given to first-time proposals. 

Applicants will receive an e-mail response within 15 days of their proposal stating whether or not it has been approved.

To be considered, all requests must be:

  • received in writing by completion of the RyeLights Lighting Proposal Form
  • completed by a representative of the group or organization making the request
  • accompanied by a valid Ryerson e-mail address
  • received by Ryerson University at least 30 days in advance of lighting date requested

Ryerson University maintains lightings for Diwali (Rainbow), Remembrance Day (Red), Hanukkah (Blue and White), Christmas (Red and Green), St. Patrick's Day (Green), Easter (Pink, Blue, and Yellow), Earth Hour (No Lights), Victoria Day (Red and White), Eid al-Fitr (Green), and Canada Day (Red and White).

If your request is confirmed, all efforts will be made to grant the lighting on the date requested, however Ryerson University reserves the right to make adjustments to the schedule as necessary and this may result in modifying the timing of your lighting or rescheduling the date.

More information

If you have any additional questions, please contact Dave Colangelo, RyeLights Coordinator, at


RyeLights on Social Media

Please append all social media images of the building with the hashtag #RyeLights, external link, opens in new window or message us @RyeLights, external link, opens in new window