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Signal Analysis Research Group


Latex Resources

PS/EPS Converter - Install this high quality postscript printer driver following the instructions contained in the link. Using this, you can convert any format figures/documents into a PS or EPS format. In combination with the "ps2pdf" utility that comes with Ghostscript (another opensource utility) you can convert any document into PDF format very easily.

SVG Editor - Another excellent free SVG (scalable vector graphics) editor (for creating figures). Some cool features and direct export to EPS format.

MikTex - the link for a Tex (MikTex) archive for Windows. Follow the instructions as listed in the installation .pdf for easy installation and configuration

TeXnicCenter - a very good LaTex editor

Equation Editor (Windows style) - generate LaTex codes for equations typed in a Windows style equation editor interface

LyX for Windows - The links listed below are for installing the Lyx document processor.  Download the files from link (1) and follow the installation steps from link (2). For converting your existing *.tex, *.cls, *.sty files into *.lyx, *.layout you have to follow link (3) and install "lyx2lyx" properly as described under the section "Latex Import". Download the precompiled "lyx2lyx" and place it in the appropriate directory.)




LaTex Tutorials

LaTex Refcard

WORD to LaTex Converter

Karthi's Latex Presentation

  • An excellent summary for beginners in Latex. Click here.

Online Resources

Dr. Andrew W . Moore's (Carnegie Mellon University) website - It has a series of tutorials covering a wide range of topics that are very useful for signal and image analysis.  Some topics include: statistical data mining, hidden Markov Models and pattern recognition techniques.  A very valuable, one stop statistical data analysis resource to learn new topics or refresh.

Knovel - Provides a one-stop source for finding answers to science and engineering questions.

Writing Guides

School of Graduate Studies Thesis Information and Microfilming Guidelines - Anyone who is planning to get started on writing their thesis, should click the link below for Ryerson's Thesis Writing and Microfilming Guidelines


A Really Friendly Guide to Wavelets

The Engineers Ultimate Guide to Wavelet Analysis - A Wavelet Tutorial

An Introduction to Wavelets

Software Packages

Irfan View - View all different types of images using one package.  Over 30 image types supported (including .pgm, j2k (JPEG 2000 format).  Very easy to use graphical user interface. 

  • Click here to download.

EMACS - An excellent multifunction editor. Very useful for editing various kinds of files with syntax highlighting. Follow the link and download the precompiled Windows version "emacs-21.3-fullbin-i386.tar.gz".

Xfig - One of the best drawing programs; a good companion for creating *.eps files for LaTex documents. Xfig is basically developed to work with Unix like systems. With "Cygwin" (Linux-like environment under windows) now it is possible to run Xfig from within windows. Follow the link below to install and configure Cygwin + Xfig.

KDE + Cygwin - With the combination of the "KDE" desktop environment and Cygwin you could virtually have a complete graphical "Linux environment" under windows and use most of the tools (Xfig inclusive) that were developed for Unix like systems. Follow the below link to install "Cygwin" and "KDE"