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Research Centres and Labs

State-of-the-art facilities provided to students at the campus

Ryerson’s School of Urban and Regional Planning is home to an active research enterprise.

Our research centres and labs bring together scholars, students, professionals and members of the community to address critical urban planning issues.

Centre for Urban Research and Land Development

The Centre for Urban Research and Land Development formulates policies and solutions that address the concerns confronting urban growth and change within the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

Ecological Design Lab, external link

The Ecological Design Lab tests new strategies, develops evidence-based next-generation practices, and finds tangible solutions to sustainability and resilience, as we rethink, remake, reinvent and renew our relationship to nature in the city.

 ReActivate: Brownfields Research Lab, external link

ReActivate is a brownfields research lab focused on the study of the assessment, redevelopment, and reactivation of urban and rural spaces in North America.

Ryerson City Building Institute

The Ryerson City Building Institute is a multidisciplinary centre focused on issues relevant to city regions nationally and globally. The Institute brings together political leadership, policy ideas and people from diverse backgrounds to address critical urban challenges.

Together Design Lab, external link

Together Design Lab takes an immersive and collaborative approach to investigating and creating innovative solutions to housing issues with marginalized communities in Canada — addressing existing cultural, gendered and class-based outcome gaps.

TransForm Lab

TransForm Lab develops and invests in students while examining how existing and novel means of transportation influence urban systems, and how our regions and neighbourhoods shape travel behaviour and human movement.