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Dean's office
3 People from the Dean's office
Administrative staff from the Dean's Office at the annual Spring Fling, April 2016.
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Dr. Imogen Coe
Dean, Faculty of Science
416 979 5000 x 5247

Departmental Assistant
416 979 5000 x 5251

Andrei Cojita
Manager of Administration
416 979 5000 x 5892

Administrative Coordinator
416 979 5000 x 5247

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Imogen Coe, Dean of Faculty of Science

Imogen Coe
Dean, Faculty of Science

Research Interests: membrane transporters, biochemistry, protein chemistry, cell biology, cell physiology, confocal microscopy, cardiovascular physiology, and biomedical research




Link to listen to the dean's vision for the Faculty of Science Listen to the dean's vision for the Faculty of Science, as Imogen Coe speaks with Ryerson Today's Shirley Moore.



Marcus dos Santos
   Associate Dean, Undergraduate Science Programs & Student Affairs
   Department of Computer Science

Research Interests: evolutionary computing systems



portrait of Marcus dos Santos



portrait of Michael Kolios



Michael C. Kolios
   Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
   Department of Physics
Canada Research Chair, Tier II Biomedical Applications of Ultrasound

Research Interests: Ultrasound Imaging/ Acoustic microscopy, Optoacoustic Imaging/ Optoacoustic microscopy, Use of microbubbles for Imaging and Therapy, Bioheat transfer therapies, and Optical Coherence Tomography Applications


Jessica Machado reports on her experience as Dean for a Day in the Faculty of Science

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Women in science: A day for remembering... (December 6, 2012)

Welcome! (October 16, 2012)


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