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By Meghan McKibbon



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Best-Selling Author, TEDx Speaker,

Udemy Instructor, Eco & Organic Expert




“One of the things I appreciate most about Ryerson, is the sense of professionals being real people. I got to know my professors as individuals, not just researchers and educators.  This ultimately inspired me to continue engaging with Ryerson as an alumna, and I now apply that same skill of being relatable to my work in the media and online education.”

                                                                                                –Tash Jefferies


From a young age, Tash knew she was meant to work with people—and to heal them. The Applied Chemistry and Biology program at Ryerson seemed like a good fit. While still an undergraduate she was engaged in Dr. Lynda McCarthy’s work on aquatic ecotoxicology and was highly inspired by Prof. Radchenko’s organic chemistry class.

Tash graduated from Ryerson in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science. She soon found a job—and success—in the corporate world, but felt that something was missing. She lacked passion for her work.  After a time of personal struggle, she made the decision to change her career. Beginning with her publication of The Little Book of Green Minutes, Tash began to embody the role she had always envisioned.

With the release of her now best-selling book, Tash’s career as a wellness coach began to take off.  She started up her own company ( and began holding consultations with clients on stress management, relationship building, detoxification, mental wellness and sustainable living.  She engaged a large audience with her keynote speech at the Richmond Hill TEDx and travels around the globe helping members of different cultures find personal happiness and health. In order to reach a larger international audience, she became an instructor at, where she leads popular online sessions on detoxification.

Thanks to a friend’s suggestion that she pitch a TV show to a local station, Tash now hosts TV Healthy. “I feel that I belong in front of a camera,” she admits.  She brings a wealth of scientific knowledge to the screen, captivating viewers with her energetic and warm personality while shedding light on topics of health and wellness.  Recently, Tash was appointed Vice President of the Toronto Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and acts as a mentor for entrepreneurial women through the new SheEO program. However, her many projects do not stop her from giving back to the Ryerson Community. Tash proudly sits on the Advisory Council for the Biology program where she hopes to inspire students to consider non-traditional careers in science.

Tash’s career as a wellness coach has allowed her to bring her passion for science to her love of working with—and healing—people. While she lives what she teaches, and leads by example, Tash believes that her Ryerson education in science adds credibility to her work.  Her background in chemistry and biology allows her to comprehend the advanced physical reactions occurring within our bodies; she then simplifies this information for her audience. Whether you read her book or see her on TV, it is undeniable that this Ryerson grad has found her true calling.

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