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Faculty of Science
Faculty Awards

Results are in for 2017-2018. Many thanks are due to the Faculty Awards Committee:

  • Dr. Sarah Sabatinos (Chair), Chemistry and Biology
  • Dr. Isaac Woungang, Computer Science
  • Dr. Foivos Xanthos, Mathematics
  • Dr. Tetyana Antimirova, Physics

And the 2017-2018 winners are…

The Dean’s Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Awards

Recognizing individuals for their scholarly, research and creative (SRC) activity and impact on their disciplines.

Recipient: Anthony Bonato, Department of Mathematics

Anthony Bonato is a world-leading expert in the fields of Graph Theory and Network Science, pursuing groundbreaking research in the areas of complex networks and graph searching. Since his last Dean's Scholarly, Research and Creativity Activity Award in 2012, he has published 44 papers in top discrete mathematics journals and proceedings, edited six proceedings volumes, and authored the book Graph Searching Games and the Probabilistic Method, published in late 2017 by CRC Press. Bonato has given 25 talks at international conferences, and has been a keynote speaker at conferences at Oxford University, China, India, and Greece.

The Dean's Service Award

Recognizing exceptional or distinguished service to a department, school, faculty and/or the university.

Recipient: Daniel Foucher, Department of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science

Dr. Daniel Foucher has demonstrated a significant leadership role in a major teaching and research lab renovation in Ryerson’s original building, Kerr Hall.  His exceptional efforts on this project have helped develop a new, positive, team dynamic with the laboratory technologist staff.  This lead to not only design of the new teaching and research space, but also building a model for a better supportive and inclusive atmosphere for the residents of Chemistry and Biology. Dr. Foucher’s service contributions serve as inspiration for others as they illustrated how consensus and inclusion can provide stability and growth during stressful endeavors.

The YSGS Outstanding Contribution to Graduate Education Award

Recognizing faculty excellence in the complex process of mentoring graduate students to prepare them for productive careers.

Recipient: James Gräfe, Department of Physics

Dr. Gräfe is a Biomedical Physics professor and Clinical Physicist at the Odette Cancer Center. His educational contributions consist of providing first class medical physics based instruction, the hosting of a hands-on clinical component, and is an encouraging and dedicated advisor. His role is central to providing clinical training, while advocating cutting edge, clinically relevant research projects to our graduate students. Since 2015, Dr. Gräfe has built a successful research program with a bustling laboratory full of graduate and undergraduate students working on research projects. He has also been highly successful securing five research grants to fund his many projects.




Entrance to VIP Awards



" Dr. Gräfe exemplifies what it means to be a first class graduate educator, and he has made outstanding contributions to our graduate program and graduate education at Ryerson."

        -- colleague

" Dr. Fousher (he) is a tremendously collegial, professional, positive and reliable colleague who greatly contributes to the well-being of our department and to Ryerson."

        -- colleague