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Faculty of Science
Faculty Awards

Results are in for 2016-2017. Many thanks are due to the Faculty Awards Committee:

  • Dr. Konstantinos Georgiou (Chair), Mathematics
  • Dr. Kosta Derpanis, Computer Science
  • Dr. Michael Arts, Chemistry and Biology
  • Dr. Tetyana Antimirova, Physics

And the 2016-2017 winners are…

The Dean’s Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity Awards

Recognizing individuals for their scholarly, research and creative (SRC) activity and impact on their disciplines.

Recipient: Andriy Miranskyy, Department of Computer Science

Andriy Miranskyy research interests are in the area of quantifying and mitigating risks in Software Engineering. Examples of risks range from a) Big Data databases been tested improperly, resulting in defect escapes and unplanned outages to b) difficult to diagnose failures, leading to prolonged outages and customer dissatisfaction. Last year, Andriy produced nine refereed publications (four published, five under review). His research is supported by four external grants yielding $68,000 and additional $55,000 in computational resources. Dr. Miranskyy's participation in an international network of industrial and academic collaborators promotes Ryerson as a vibrant research centre.

Recipient: Ali Miri, Department of Computer Science

Dr. Miri is the Research Director, Privacy and Big Data Institute, an Adjunct Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), University of Ottawa, an Affiliated Scientist, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael's Hospital, the Director, Information and Computer Security Laboratory (iCaSL), and a member of Ontario Centre of Excellence College of Reviewers, Standards Council of Canada, Big Data Working Group, and an Advisory board member, Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (CIC), university of New Brunswick (UNB). He has received over $7M in research funding, supervised 74 HQPs, and has published over 200 manuscripts, books and patents.


Sarwan Sahota Ryerson Distinguished Scholar Award

Recognizing individuals for their scholarly, research and creative (SRC) activity and impact on their disciplines.

Recipient: Dérick Rousseau, Department of Chemistry and Biology

Professor Dérick Rousseau is one of Canada's premier scientists in the area of food science. His research programs focuses on the physical chemical nature of food and food additives. As such he has garnered considerable attention from and has built strong relationships with the food industry. Dérick is an active contributor on public forums dealing with the public's perception of science and is strong advocate for science at Ryerson. He is also well known for his activities in science grantsmanship, as an international reviewer and journal founder/editor.


The Dean's Service Award

Recognizing exceptional or distinguished service to a department, school, faculty and/or the university.

Recipient: Warren Wakarchuk
Department of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science

Dr. Wakarchuk has made many service contributions to the Department of Chemistry and Biology, the Molecular Science graduate program, the Faculty of Science and Ryerson University. Perhaps most significant was Dr. Wakarchuk's exceptional service and dedication to lead a large team over two years to establish the new Ryerson MaRS Research Facility. His tireless efforts in service roles and as chair of key committees has helped foster a vibrant, supportive and inclusive academic community benefitting students and faculty, and serves as inspiration for others to elevate the Department of Chemistry of Biology and the Faculty of Science.



The Dean's Teaching Awards

Recognizing faculty members who have demonstrated continuing teaching excellence and achievement in instruction.

Recipient: Nagina Parmar, Department of Chemistry and Biology

With her passion for teaching, Dr. Nagina Parmar earns the respect and trust of her students and colleagues. Providing mentorship, inviting students to be part of research projects and giving opportunities to write and publish in various journals has opened doors to numerous possibilities for some students in research and academics. Her performance in class, teaching methods, confident attitude and friendly nature has made her a popular professor. A comment from her class: "Being able to listen to a teacher who shows great enthusiasm, passion and sharing course-pertinent stories makes us pay more attention and look forward to coming to class every day!"

Recipient: Roberto Botelho, Department of Chemistry and Biology

Dr. Roberto Botelho has made important contributions to teaching and curriculum development at Ryerson. He helped modernize the Biology curriculum, led the creation of a new undergraduate program in Biomedical Sciences and helped develop the Ph.D. program curriculum in Molecular Science. He has worked to revamp and create new courses in cell biology and biochemistry, including enhanced experiential learning through laboratories. He is leading the development of graduate student research and communication skills through seminar courses. Perhaps his most important contribution is through his passion to the profession, inside and outside the classroom, that many students find inspiring.

Recipient: Sharonna Greenberg, Department of Chemistry and Biology

Dr. Sharonna Greenberg is a professor of chemistry in her sixth year at Ryerson University. She received her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Toronto. Sharonna is a recipient of the University of Toronto Fellowship, and L'Oreal-UNESCO for Women in Science Mentor Fellowship; the Julie Payette-NSERC Award, as well as the Chancellor Northrop Frye Gold Medal; the Governor General's Silver Medal, and the NSERC Graduate Scholarship, Andre Hamer and C. P. Crowley Scholarships respectively. Sharonna is an exceptional teacher; few students will ever be privileged enough to have had an instructor as passionate and talented.


The YSGS Outstanding Contribution to Graduate Education Award

Recognizing faculty excellence in the complex process of mentoring graduate students to prepare them for productive careers.

Recipient: Ali Miri, Computer Science Graduate Program, Department of Computer Science

Dr. Ali Miri is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and the research director of the Privacy and Big Data Institute. He has been a dedicated and compassionate graduate student mentor. He has overseen supervision of 60 students, currently supervising an additional 13 students. He has also served on the research advisory committees of close to 100 students in Ryerson and other universities. He has offered over a dozen graduate courses and is currently serving on all of the departmental Graduate committees. He has co-authored and published over 200 manuscripts, books and patents with his students.




Entrance to VIP Awards



" Dr. Antonescu is fully devoted to proving the best graduate education experience possible…"

        -- colleague

" Dr. Woungang plays an active role bring Ryerson to the attention of the external research community not only by his publications…..but by his presence on conference organization committees and journal boards.”

        -- colleauge

"With his undying intentions to educate students, Dr. Kim has made mathematics thoroughly enjoyable for one to learn”

        -- student

"Dr. Laursen’s scientific expertise and enthusiasm as an academic councillor enabled me to succeed throughout my thesis…Dr. Laursen has had a positive impact on my academic career and undoubtedly on others.”

        -- student