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Computer Science student takes home silver at thesis competition

By Morgan Holmes

Zainab Al-Zanbouri

Zainab Al-Zanbouri, MSc student in Computer Science

On Monday, April 6, 2015, Zainab Al-Zanbouri was the runner up in the Ryerson 2015 3MT® (Three Minute Thesis) Competition. Competing against graduate students from across the university, Zainab impressed the judges with the innovativeness of her research and clarity of her presentation.

Zainab is currently completing an MSc in computer science under the supervision of Dr. Andriy Miranskyy (Computer Science) and Dr. Ayse Bener (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering). Her research is in the area of green and sustainable computing – in particular, her thesis focuses on “greenness” as a software attribute and on the effects of new computing features on energy consumption by legacy databases.

As Zainab explained during the competition, motivating her research is the fact that “large software solutions such as data warehouses demand progressively more computational and storage resources to process Big Data efficiently.” Even with migration to the Cloud, Zainab points out, “data centres and Internet infrastructures are predicted to consume 18 per cent of the world’s power capacity by the year 2030” – compared to just 2 per cent generated by information and communication technology (ICT) today. If ways can be found to reduce ICT energy consumption, Zainab says, not only will power bills be lower, but carbon dioxide emissions will also be reduced.


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