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Mathematics Master's graduate awarded Gold Medal at Fall 2015 convocation

By Morgan Holmes

Jill Padgett

The Department of Mathematics and the entire Faculty of Science congratulate Jill Padgett on her receipt of a Ryerson University Gold Medal. Jill was presented with her award at the convocation ceremony held on October 14, 2015, at which she graduated with an MSc in Applied Mathematics.

Ryerson University Gold Medals are the university's highest awards. They are given to students who have outstanding academic achievement combined with outstanding contributions to the life of the university; and/or their professional community; and/or the community at large. A medal is presented to a full or part-time graduating student from each faculty in the Yeates School of Graduate Studies.

“Among the many gifted students I have supervised, Jill ranks as the best,” says Jill’s supervisor, Dr. Silvana Ilie. “She is a very smart student and highly motivated in conducting interdisciplinary research. Jill’s thesis work – which focuses on numerical studies of stochastic discrete models of heterogeneous biochemical systems – shows sophistication, maturity and originality. Additionally, Jill possesses an essential quality we do not often see: critical thinking.”

Dr. Sebastian Ferrando, the chair of the Department of Mathematics, likewise commends Jill’s “excellent academic performance.” He also emphasizes the many contributions she has made to the department and Ryerson. For example, Jill was an active participant in the Grad café hosted by the dean and associate dean of Graduate Studies; served as the vice-president, finance, for the Mathematics department’s Graduate Course Union; and moderated the 2015 Ryerson Faculty Conference.

Dr. Lawrence Kolasa, the Department of Mathematics’ associate chair, undergraduate studies, notes the “leadership” Jill showed in collaborating with him on the design of the department’s contributions to Science Rendezvous (an annual public-facing festival celebrating science). In addition, Dr. Kolasa praises Jill’s efforts as a teaching assistant, noting “her commitment to her students and to the course certainly went well beyond what she was asked to do.”

Now that her Ryerson studies have concluded, Jill is looking for full-time employment that will utilize the skills and knowledge that she gained during her Applied Mathematics master's degree.

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