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Science Graduate Stories

Jennifer Huynh, Master’s in Molecular Science
Research collaborations meet new energy approaches at Ryerson

Jennifer Huynh chose to pursue her master’s in molecular science at Ryerson because she gets to connect with recognized leaders in science. Her current research in Dr. Bryan Koivisto’s lab allows her to work alongside him to develop next-generation solar technologies that mimic photosynthesis. They’re working on transparent solar panels that can take the place of windows, gathering energy to power buildings.

Despite the fact Jennifer’s professors are renowned experts, she finds them incredibly approachable. And, she gets to study in downtown Toronto, where the opportunities for more collaborations are endless.

At Ryerson, you’re part of a close-knit environment where everyone knows each other by name. The connections you make here open up an exciting array of challenges and opportunities for your present, as well as your future.

Eno Hysi, PhD in Biomedical Physics
Mentor support meets graduate student success at Ryerson

Doctoral candidate Eno Hysi, recipient of the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, credits the exceptional support from Ryerson’s Faculty of Science and the mentorship he’s received from his supervising professor as the driving forces behind his success.

After completing his BSc at Ryerson’s Medical Physics program, Eno decided to continue his graduate studies at the university, not only because of his interest in biomedical physics, but also because the faculty offers such unparalleled opportunities for student-driven research and innovation. He’s now working side by side with award-winning physics professor Michael Kolios to investigate the uses of photoacoustic imaging in cancer treatment monitoring. Eno’s innovative approach allows him to measure the effectiveness of cancer therapies just hours after treatment – and it’s non-invasive.

At Ryerson, we foster an environment of collaboration and support, where graduate students engage with world-class professors to put their own ideas—and their careers—into action.

Erin Meger, Master's in Applied Mathematics
Classic games meet real-world applications at Ryerson

For Erin Meger, Ryerson’s nurturing, supportive environment led by respected and renowned professors was instrumental in her decision to pursue her master’s in applied mathematics at Ryerson. She is working alongside Professor Anthony Bonato in the study of classic pursuit-evasion games like Cops and Robbers and how they can be applied to real-world issues like security systems or counter-terrorism measures.

In her classes and working with Ryerson professors, Erin has been able to explore her love of math and have many opportunities for original research.

At Ryerson, you don’t just write papers. You’re part of a vibrant community of leading and like-minded academics who foster your growth, strength and ultimate success.

Sahana Sritharan, Master's in Molecular Science
Hands-on opportunities meet renewable energy at Ryerson

Sahana Sritharan gets to be innovative and creative while she does hands-on research with her renowned chemistry professor Bryan Koivisto. Together, they’re exploring how to create solar cells that use organic dyes instead of silicon. The end goal is to limit our need for non-renewable energy sources while still being eco-friendly.

Sahana chose to pursue her master’s at Ryerson so she could work with a top prof while focusing on her dream of helping the environment. At Ryerson, you receive unlimited opportunities to do research that has impact and is relevant to society—for the future of the environment as well as your own.

At Ryerson, we connect students with the right people, the right training and the right resources to realize their full potential.

Jill Padgett, Applied Mathematics (MSc '15)
A solid foundation meets promising career opportunity at Ryerson

Jill Padgett credits her master’s degree in math from Ryerson’s Faculty of Science with helping her land a promising new position in TD’s Risk Management Associate Program. The exclusive leadership program helps people with advanced degrees pursue careers in business banking. 

Jill credits the rigourous education she received in making her a successful candidate. Jill worked with mathematics professor Dr. Silvana Ilie on solving real-world problems and solidified her strong quantitative skills while in the master’s program. Jill's thesis work was awarded a Ryerson University Gold Medal - the university's highest awards. Her professors tailored Jill’s path to best suit her interests—and encouraged her to build the foundation she needed to establish a career. 

At Ryerson, innovative programs and professors help you round out your education so you can achieve more than you ever expected.

Jimmy Tran, PhD in Computer Science
Freedom to explore meets help for disaster victims at Ryerson

Doctoral candidate Jimmy Tran is working on technology to help search teams that use rescue dogs. The dogs have cameras attached to them and when they’re moving, the images are extremely blurry and make it tough to build 3D models that help locate people. Jimmy is working to solve this issue and have real impact by finding people in life-threatening situations much more quickly.

Jimmy came to Ryerson to work with Dr. Alex Ferworn, an expert in technology for search and rescue missions. Professor Ferworn gave Jimmy the freedom to explore a number of disciplines at Ryerson, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and robotics, giving him access to the resources to work on a complex problem.

At Ryerson, your professors are true mentors—they support and encourage your vision by helping you reach across different disciplines and gain access to whatever resources you need to make your vision a reality.

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