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Engaged Faculty Solving Real-World Problems

Our collaborative learning environment gives you the opportunity for in-depth research and practical experience to help advance your career. Here, you will build your capacity for rigorous scientific inquiry and develop the tools to thrive in the ever-expanding digital sphere.

Degree Requirements

The opportunity to build computational tools that are precise and effective

Through our state-of-the-art research and teaching labs, testing facilities and faculty leadership, we find solutions by creating unique algorithms and advanced software tools that can steer data to generate knowledge and solve problems.

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A rich, multidisciplinary environment

We tackle problems by building tools that
help those who need them. We actively collaborate with other disciplines to address complex issues in the real world.

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The opportunity to work on tangible, substantial and real projects that matter

We go beyond theory—using applied research to build tools that can help people in their day-to-day lives. From securing cloud services to improving public safety processes—our work makes an impact.

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A connected community that’s focused on the next generation

We forge innovative partnerships with industry, government, business and not-for-profits to solve realworld problems and provide handson experience for our graduate students.

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Working in the field is easier than you think

We partner with a diverse array of organizations in different industries, and our students have the opportunity to actively expand their skillsets in the field.

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Featured Students & Alumni

  • At Ryerson, Sharieh was able to fuse cutting edge research with practical experience involving the topic of smoking cessation, medical physics and brain spectroscopy.
  • Herman developed 3D models of real-world disaster sites which were then rendered by a game engine. This research holds remarkable potential to help First Responders contend with urban disaster.