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The core requirements of the Doctoral program are 1) The successful completion of a written and an oral qualifying examination; 2) The completion and successful defense of a thesis that is based on original research; and 3) The successful completion of a minimum of four one-term graduate courses satisfying the following criteria:

  • A minimum of two courses from each field.
  • A maximum of two Directed Studies courses, one from each of the two fields.
  • A minimum of two courses must be taken from the courses offered by the program. The remaining courses may, with the approval from the Graduate Program director at his or her sole discretion, be taken from another graduate program at Ryerson or another recognized university.

In addition to the above requirements, candidates must be registered in, and attend, six terms of a non-credit seminar course, present seminars based on their research program and successfully complete (or have previously taken) a research methods course and a method of instruction course.

Candidates may also be required to take courses to cover any missing components in their background preparation.

Candidates who were accepted to the program without a research-based Masters degree will be required to take a total of eight graduate courses.



The MSc program in Computer Science has two main options, both leading to the same degree: the Thesis option and the Course option.

Thesis Option:
Heavy emphasis is placed on the research thesis, which usually requires at least three terms to complete. Full-time students with adequate preparation for graduate work should plan on spending at least five full-time terms in the program.

Each student conducts thesis research by working closely with a thesis supervisor. The supervisor is a member of the Computer Science graduate faculty who provides academic guidance in the area in which the student and faculty members are interested.

The core requirements* for the thesis option are as follows:

  • 4 elective courses
  • Thesis
  • Attendance at departmental seminars and giving at least one public presentation in addition to the thesis defence

*Effective Fall 2016.

Course Option:  (First offered in Fall 2016)

The requirements for the course option are as follows:

  • 8 elective courses


  • 6 elective courses
  • Major research paper
  • Attendance at departmental seminars and giving at least one public presentation

Students in the course option wishing to complete a major research paper are required to complete one term of courses before finding a faculty supervisor who will provide academic guidance in the area in which the student and faculty member are interested.

For further information on program requirements and course descriptions, please visit the Yeates School of Graduate Studies Calendar.



Course Calendar

Descriptions of all graduate courses in Computer Science can be found in the Graduate Calendar.

Information on current course offerings can be found on the here.