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Program Timeline

The minimum and maximum times allowed for course-work and research in the programs is indicated in the table given below.

Program Timeline

  PhD MSc
Minimum length of time to complete degree 24 months (6 academic terms) 12 months (3 academic terms)
Maximum length of time to complete degree 6 calendar years 3 calendar years


The Yeates School of Graduate Studies requires continuous registration throughout the residency period for all students in the program, either PhD or Masters in which the student is registered.

Grade Requirements

Graduate students must repeat a course, or substitute with an alternate course, if the final grade is less than B- (70%) for MSc students, and less than B (73%) for PhD students. Failure to maintain an acceptable academic standing could result in a student being asked to withdraw from the program. Failure in more than one graduate course shall be considered grounds for dismissal.