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Salah Sharieh


At Ryerson, Sharieh was able to fuse cutting edge research with practical experience involving the topic of smoking cessation, medical physics and brain spectroscopy.


Business & Technology


Salah Sharieh is a senior technical Innovator with extensive experience in business and technology. He has developed his business savvy through working with Fortune 500 companies. After completing his Master’s degree in Computer Science at Ryerson University, he continued his studies at McMaster University where he completed his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Computer Science.

During his study at Ryerson University, he broadened his horizon in research and combined it with his practical experience. He was able to conduct interdisciplinary research on brain spectroscope and wireless networks.

A number of things attracted Salah to the Ryerson such as its state-of-the-art downtown campus and quality professors who provide great support and mentorship to its students.  In addition, Ryerson’s culture provides opportunities to build real-life applications that can be used in real enterprises.

Salah held a number of senior executive positions with emerging, medium and large technology organizations. His career portfolio has been evenly split with jobs in high tech, manufacturing, finance, public sector and information technology industries. Most recently, Salah was Vice President of Technology for Blueprint Systems. Prior to holding that position, Salah was a Senior Vice President of Strategy and Technology at Wirelexsoft Corporation, a major international company specialized in mobile technology, where he was responsible for Technology in North America, Asia and Europe. Salah has also held a number of senior level positions with RIM (Research in Motion), Celestica, and Broadvision, with Global reporting responsibility in Europe, Central and North America, and Asia.

Salah has more than twenty peer reviewed publications and has contributed to several books. He also is a technical reviewer for several journals and conferences and is a member of the CIO association of Canada, IEEE and ACM. Recently Salah led the National Occupation Standards for Cyber Security.

Research Interests:

At Ryerson, Sharieh was able to fuse cutting-edge research with practical experience involving the topic of smoking cessation, medical physics and brain spectroscopy.

Position Currently Held: