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Molecular Science will be pleased to accept applications until February 15 (early consideration date). Please note that applications received by the early consideration date will be given guaranteed consideration for funding.

Admissions Requirements


  • A Bachelor of Science degree in Biological, Biochemical or Chemical Science.
  • A minimum 3.00(B) average overall.
  • A minimum 3.33(B+) average in the last two years of study
  • Two letters of recommendation from former instructors or research supervisors.

PhD with a Master's Degree

  • A Master of Science degree in Molecular Science or a discipline related to molecular science.
  • A CGPA of at least 3.67(A-) in courses credited to their master’s degree.
  • Three letters of recommendation from academic referees who can judge the candidate's potential to engage in research at the doctoral level.
  • Evidence of research potential in the form of a master’s thesis, or a publication that has appeared in a refereed journal or conference proceeding.

PhD with transfer from the Molecular Science Master's Program

  • At least 12, but normally no more than 18 months, of their MSc program completed, from date of first registration.
  • An overall average of 3.67(A-) or better on at least two elective graduate courses, plus satisfactory performance in the seminar course including their first presentation.
  • A minimum of one research progress meeting completed with a supervisory committee. The student’s status, as assessed at the last meeting before applying for the transfer exam must be "satisfactory". In addition, the committee must certify that the student is exhibiting exceptional promise in their research.

Areas of Specialization for Both Programs

Field I: Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces

Field II: Molecular Bioscience

Program Specific Documents Required for Admissions

Statement of Interest

Your statement of interest should be no more than 500-1000 words and should include the following:

  • For both MSc and PhD applicants, please list in the top left-hand corner of the page a maximum of three(3) Molecular Science Faculty as potential supervisors.
  • Your reasons for pursuing graduate study in Molecular Science at Ryerson University.
  • Indicate the field of study that you would like to pursue in a Master's thesis or Doctoral dissertation.
  • Outline your previous studies and experience and how they have prepared you for the Molecular Science program.

Curriculum Vitae

Posters, publications, scholarships and awards should be included in your Curriculum Vitae, as well as work experience and extra curricular activities.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation should be from professors who are familiar with your research.

  • Two (2) letters required for the Masters program
  • Three (3) letters required for the Doctoral program

Program Timeline

The Yeates School of Graduate Studies requires continuous registration throughout the residency period for all students in the program, either PhD or Masters in which the student is registered.

All graduate students are required to maintain continuous registration every semester of their program until all requirements of their program have been met, unless they have been granted Inactive Status.

Residency Requirements
  PhD MSc
Full-Time Residency min. 2 years min. 1 year
Program Length* 3 years 2 years
Time Limit for Completion**
6 years 3 years

* Normal program length may be extended with the approval of the Program Director and the student’s supervisor(s).

** Extension of the time limit for completion (from initial registration) will require the approval of the Dean of SGS.

Fees and Funding

Visit Financial Matters at the School of Graduate Studies for all information regarding fees and funding, inluding:

  • Graduate program tuition fees
  • Graduate scholarships and awards
  • External funding programs
  • Paid assistantships (Research Assistant, Graduate Assistant)


Additional Information

To review a listing of all required documents, please refer to the Document Checklist on the Admissions website's Required Documents page.

For further information on deadline dates, English Language Proficiency and the online application, please visit or contact the Graduate Admissions Office.