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Faculty of Science

Join our Faculty of Science in downtown Toronto and become part of a diverse community of passionate researchers who are driven by new ideas and the exciting possibilities they present. At Ryerson, we approach education in an exciting new way – we call it “connected science.” You’ll engage with other disciplines – and the real world around you – in order to push conventional boundaries, find real solutions for today’s challenges and make a true impact on society.

Choose Ryerson for Your Science Undergrad



If you’re inspired by the sciences and looking for a unique program, you’ll find a wide range of options from biology to medical physics that will encourage you to engage, explore and experiment. We offer co-op placements, research opportunities and lab training, and our approachable professors have a vested interest in helping you grow. Each of our programs exposes you to different perspectives and real-world experience, and provides a strong foundation for your success.

Our Science Programs