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Faculty of Science


Biologist working in a lab in blue scrubs, mask and gloves

RYERSON'S BIOLOGY PROGRAM dives into the study of living organisms, with the intent of unlocking the mysteries of our planet.

When you choose a foundational science as your major, there are a multitude of options and opportunities to explore and refine your own personal passions. To help refine your educational process, our new undergrads begin taking interdisciplinary classes to lay a basic groundwork of scientific knowledge. First-years will be undertaking studies in Chemistry, Contemporary Science, Mathematics and its Applications, and Medical Physics. Like in many of our science programs, the biology department offers external placements, engaging research opportunities, and laboratory training.

Upper level students undertake the more advanced and intrinsic principles of the subject (biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, botany and evolution), and will begin to refine their chosen biological stream. Zoology, molecular biology, environmental biology and biotechnology are just a few of the offerings from this science pool. There are also optional specializations in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Biophysics or Environmental Biology. Students choose any stream within the program and are able to customize their degree with our unique and plentiful options.

Graduates are armed with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and can choose to pursue research or science management roles in both the government or academic world. Other opportunities include careers in agri-food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.  Many go on to further studies in a masters or doctorate program to pursue careers in medicine, dentistry or other health-related fields.