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Faculty of Science

Biomedical Sciences

Blue and red cells merging under a microscope

MEDICAL HISTORY is filled with discoveries and advances into the nature of diseases and diagnostics, and our biomedical program is an essential and exciting field that continues to push out such advancements.  Students who choose to enter into this program will investigate pressing medical conundrums such as the nature of cancerous cells, how microorganisms attack the body, and the correlation between gene expression and its affects on aging. By first laying down the groundwork with a meticulous study of human anatomy, our students will look at new and innovative therapies and treatments that address illness.

Lower level classes will consist of other foundational programs such as biology, physics, chemistry, math and psychology, in addition to basic biomedical studies. Each subsequent year will have more advanced and refined offerings, so students will have the opportunity to choose from molecular biology, immunology, experimental design, systems biology, cancer biology, stem biology, critical thinking, and of course, advanced biomedical science.

Besides a detailed and satisfyingly rigorous academic program, undergrads will be provided with work placement opportunities, summer internships, and practical research projects. These external experiences are made more enviable by our location in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Biomedical Sciences students can pursue careers in clinical or forensic laboratories in biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries. Other opportunities include biomedical research institutions, non-governmental organizations, health administration organizations, policy organizations, consulting management companies and patent law firms. Graduates who choose to continue their studies may apply to an MSc or PhD in Molecular Science, to pursue careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy or physiotherapy.

Information on the curriculum is available here (pdf).