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Faculty of Science

Contemporary Science

 A robotic hand holding the earth

Modern science is the driving force behind much of the most profound changes we are starting to see in our society. Whether it is innovating new technologies, promoting economic growth, strengthening health care, or protecting the environment, today’s science world is interdisciplinary and constantly changing. Ryerson graduates from the Contemporary Science program are forward-thinking individuals who apply their knowledge from all the basic science fields to solve current, real-world initiatives and challenges. Besides studies in class, our students enjoy opportunities such as work placements and integrative laboratory work.

In their first year, students will participate in common science classes with students in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and its Applications, and Medical Physics. In following years, they continue to explore the interrelated nature of science through a combination of the several different learning streams of their choosing: Computational Sciences, Informatics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and Psychology. They complement their science studies with a range of liberal studies that will help broaden their view of the world, and provide a social and cultural context for their future endeavours.

Our graduates can choose a career path from a diverse stock of industries, including government, business development, marketing or sales for industry, media, or education.