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Faculty of Science

Mathematics and its Applications

Mathematical equations on a chalk board

Many of our world’s complex questions can be answered with the help of mathematics. It can be a powerful problem solving tool and a highly creative field of study that requires students to identify patterns using a combination of logic, exacting principles and imagination. This program offers opportunities such as work placement, thesis projects, and participation in research initiatives. The graduates of Ryerson’s Mathematics and its Applications program become valued professionals that innovate solutions for our future.

In their first two years, students will take general science-based coursework, including Biology, Chemistry, Contemporary Science and Medical Physics in addition to their basic math curriculum; after which, they can choose to specialize in either computer science or economics. In subsequent years, computer science students will stream into courses in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence or Internet security; economics students will study international trade, public finance and environmental economics.

Upon graduation, our students have many career avenues open to them, from finance to computer security to medical research. Some career designations include computer or research scientist, educator, economist or actuary for industry, business or government.