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Funding & Support

Over the decades, the Faculty of Science has expanded its research activity significantly. Faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduate trainees are active in scientific exploration. In support of their work, both the University and the faculty provide a range of services, funding, awards and resources.  

The university, faculty and external organizations offer funding, awards and resources for faculty members. Some are mentioned below. View a google sheetfuller list of available funding and awards for professors, external link in the Faculty of Science.

Internal Funding

The faculty maintains various programs within the Dean Research Fund, including:

FOS Dean's Research Fund – Travel: Annually available funds to supplement faculty members travelling to conferences in Canada and abroad. Applications are accepted three times a year.

Faculty of Science Dean's Research Fund Guideline: Internal research grants, with two types available:

  • DRF-booster (DRF-B): for research proposals that are highly rated, but nonetheless unsuccessful in securing external grants.
  • DRF-connector (DRF-C): for researchers who are cultivating new industry or hospital partnerships, with a view to applying for larger team grants through external agencies.

FOS Dean’s Research Fund - Research Tools and Instrumentation (DRF-RTI): Research equipment funding (purchase or rental), with a view to seizing new research opportunities, HQP training or collaborative research across the university.

FOS Dean’s Research Fund - Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Opportunities (UIRO) Program: Funding for use in hiring Ryerson undergraduate summer research assistants outside of FOS, with a view to fostering interdisciplinary collaborations.  

For information, questions or assistance, contact the Science Research and Innovation Office (SRIO).


Postdoctoral researchers make up an integral part of our science research community. Fellows are typically funded by individual faculty members or through external awards/fellowships.

Travel Fund: The Faculty of Science also offers conference funding support through Dean's Research Fund. The program assists postdoctoral fellows with costs to present research at national and international events. Applications open in April and October. For information, please contact the Science Research and Innovation Office (SRIO).

Research Awards: A number of external award opportunities also exist, such as the Traditional Fulbright Scholar Award, John Charles Polanyi Prizes, and others. We also support and promote our research fellows through communications about potential awards, deadlines, and the availability of assistance to facilitate applications.

Postdoctoral Services: Ryerson University also provides a range of professional development, career counselling, and campus services. To explore the range, visit Ryerson’s Postdoctoral Fellows website.

View a google sheetfuller list of available awards and funding, external link for Faculty of Science postdoctoral fellows. For information, questions or assistance, contact the Science Research and Innovation Office (SRIO)  

Most of our Master’s & PhD programs are research-based, and include funding packages for students. For more information on how graduate funding works and what’s available, visit our Graduates Student Funding page.

Through various opportunities and programs, many of our undergraduates gain early exposure to the research environment. Learn more about undergraduate science research, or visit the Office of the Vice President, Research & Innovation.