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Faculty of Science
First Year Science (FYS)

First Year Science (FYS) is the home department for students in their first year of studies within the Faculty of Science Programs:

  • Biology
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Mathematics & its Applications 
  • Medical Physics
  • Undeclared Science

During this year, students receive additional support and guidance from FYS that helps then with the transition from high school and into the university life:

  • Regular communications from our office with pertinent deadlines, announcements, FAQs and other relevant information
  • Assistance with enrollment, course intentions and course selection
  • Help with transfer credit allocations and course exceptions
  • Academic advice and information about curriculum: calendar, program requirements, liberal offerings, minors, etc
  • Midterm intervention: student at risk academically will receive a special message after the first round of midterms
  • Probationary and Required to Withdraw (RTW) seminars
  • General information about Ryerson policies, services and resources

You can reach FYS team at


Support for Incoming  Science Students:

To help students prepare for the upcoming studies, FYS organizes preparatory workshops that are offered in the late Summer. These workshops are ideal for incoming students who may not have taken subject during their high school studies, or have been out of high school for some time and would benefit from a refresher course. This Step-Ahead program offers a mixture of online and in class resources to help students review or relearn some of the fundamental topics and concepts they will encounter in their first-year courses.


Summer 2020 Step-Ahead Online Math program

This program is available to all Science students though Ryerson Ready program. You will need to activate your Ryerson Online Identity and access My Courses and Organizations tab in

This video will show how you can access different math ready programs on D2L - follow the steps! Faculty of Science Step-Ahead Math Course: Part 1 is the course you will want to access.

This video will show you how to access the interactive practices and quizzes on Bitbolide.


Information for First Year Science Students

Undergraduate Calendar is your official source for curriculum and course information at Ryerson. The Calendar is updated each spring for the next academic year.

Student Guide is a companion to the Calendar that lists the policies, fees, services and administrative procedures that you’ll need to know as a Ryerson student. 

Program Prerequisite Tables show how program courses relate to each other and in which order to take them.


transition program

First Year Science courses are offered twice each year so that students who drop or fail a course can take it again before starting second year.

Transition program details


contact information
first year science office

General Enquiries


Alina Velieva
Administrative Assistant, FYS

416-979-5000 x 4101


Dr. Anne Johnson
Academic Coordinator, FYS
416-979-5000 x 4102


faculty of science support staff

Dr. Gauthamie Poolokasingham, C.Psych.
Psychologist and Professional Counsellor 



Maurice Fernandes
Careeer Education Specialist

416-979-5000 x 543508


Upper years (Yrs 2 - 4+) program directors

Dr. Costin Antonescu 
Program Director, Biology (A-L)
416-979-5000 x 4659

Dr. Vadim Bostan 
Program Director, Biology (M-Z)
416-979-5000 x 6546

Dr. Sarah Sabatinos
Program Director, Biomedical Science
416-979-5000 x 3570

Dr. Stephen Wylie
Program Director, Chemistry
416-979-5000 x 6355

Dr. Abdolreza Abhari
Program Director, Computer Science
416-979-5000 x 7408

Dr. Foivos Xanthos 
Program Director, Financial Math
416-979-5000 x 4868

Dr. Sebastian Ferrando
Program Director, Math & Apps
416-979-5000 x 7415

Dr. Jahan Tavakkoli 
Program Director, Medical Physics
416-979-5000 x 7535


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