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Faculty of Science
The First Year and Common Science Office (FYCSO)
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The First Year and Common Science Office (FYCSO) is an independent administrative unit that handles the academic and administrative responsibilities related to all first-year science student affairs (except Computer Science) and also provides support to all upper-year students in Contemporary Science. The FYCSO was created to help make students’ transitions from high school to university smooth, pleasant, and successful. We invite students to visit us whenever they have questions, concerns, or comments of any sort. To answer questions and deal with concerns, we have assembled a highly experienced team of professionals, including an Academic Co-ordinator, a Counsellor, and an Administrative Assistant.

Some of our services include

  • Adding courses to and/or dropping courses from students' timetables;
  • Administration of applications to change science programs; and
  • Providing advice, academic or other, to all first-year science students and to all upper-level contemporary science students.
Support for Incoming  Science Students:
Information for First Year Science Students

The Undergraduate Calendar is your official source for curriculum and course information at Ryerson. The Calendar is updated each spring for the next academic year. The Student Guide is a companion to the Calendar that lists the policies, fees, services and administrative procedures that you’ll need to know as a Ryerson student. 

Find useful links and contact information in the FYCSO Online Handbook

Find out how courses relate to each other and in which order to take them in the Prerequisite Tables.  

First Year Science Transition Courses

First Year Science courses are offered twice each year so that students who drop or fail a course can take it again before starting second year. Review transition program particular here.

contact information
first year and common science office

Dr. Marcus Santos
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Science
Programs and Student Affairs

416-979-5000 x 7921

Dr. Anne Johnson
Academic Coordinator
416-979-5000 x 4102

Alina Velieva
Administrative Assistant, FYCSO
416-979-5000 x 4101

DR. GAUTHAMIE POOLOKASINGHAM, C.Psych. (Supervised Practice)
Psychologist (Supervised Practice)
Faculty of Science
Centre for Student Development and Counselling
416-979-5000 x4104

program directors

Dr. Martina Hausner
Program Director, Biology
416-979-5000 x 6553

Dr. Sarah Sabatinos
Program Director, Biomedical Science
416-979-5000 x 3570

Dr. Stephen Wylie
Program Director, Chemistry
416-979-5000 x 6355

Dr. Abdolreza Abhari
Program Director, Computer Science
416-979-5000 x 7408

Dr. Anne Johnson
Program Director, Contemporary Science
416-979-5000 x 4102

Dr. Pablo Olivares 
Program Director, Financial Math
416-979-5000 x 6971

Dr. Sebastian Ferrando
Program Director, Math & Apps
416-979-5000 x 7415

Dr. Jahan Tavakkoli 
Program Director, Medical Physics
416-979-5000 x 7535


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