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Faculty of Science
FYCSO Student Handbook
Department Websites and contacts


Per Ryerson Senate Policy 157 you are required to use your Ryerson email account to communicate with the university. We will not respond to emails from outside accounts for privacy reasons.


First Year and Common Science Office (FYCSO)

Victoria and Gould street signs
Dates and Program Information

Significant Dates



Please note that Academic Consideration will not be granted in cases where travel is booked before the Exam Schedule is released.  Your instructor is not required to schedule an alternate exam date to accommodate travel plans.

Program and Co-op Information

Course and Curriculum Information

Useful Information

Learning Tools

Visit Ryerson's "current student" site for tools and resources to help you reach your goals.

Missed Evaluations

Medical or Compassionate

If you are sick and miss an evaluation (lab, in class assignment, test or exam) you must contact your instructor by email immediately to arrange a make-up assignment.  As required by Senate Policy 134

You must submit the Official Ryerson Medical Certificate to the FYCSO within 3 days of the missed assignment.  The Ryerson Medical Certificate is available via University Forms.

Medical Certificates and the FYCSO (PDF)

Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observance

Students must have filed and submitted the necessary forms for accommodation of religious, aboriginal or spiritual observance within 2 weeks of the start of classes as required by Senate Policy 150

Plan Change and Common First Year Programs

For Common Science Programs:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Medical Physics
  • Undeclared Science

Students enrolled in the above programs can switch into another Science program by submitting a Plan Change form, available on the University Forms page to the FYCSO or on RAMSS

Students enrolled in these programs:

  • Biomedical Science
  • Mathematics and its Applications
  • Financial Mathematics

OR students in any Science program wanting to change into another Faculty program must first review the entrance requirements for the program in the Academic Course Calendar, then contact the Admissions Office and the Program Director for the program to which they want to apply.

First Year and Common Science Transition Courses

Info is posted at:


University Resources

Get Clear Program for Probationary Students

Get Clear is a program to help students achieve a clear standing. By offering connection to available workshops and resources for students on probation, Get Clear will supplement Faculty‐based activities and assist students in finding their way to academic success.

Student Learning Support (SLC 4th Floor)

SLS is a group of services and programs aimed at helping students engage more effectively in their academic studies. We teach essential academic skills and study techniques that help students to more effectively express their intelligence, apply their knowledge and communicate their ideas.

Study Skills and Transition Support

Talk to experts who can help you to develop study-skills and habits to help you to learn effectively and efficiently; including workshops and online resources.

The Math Assistance Centre (MAC)

MAC is the latest addition to Ryerson's Student Learning Support team. Located on the 5th floor of the library building, MAC is here to support students across campus with their math skills and math-­‐related courses. The Centre currently offers individual tutoring, as well as running Facilitated Study (FA-ST) groups. Future plans also include online tutoring.

Writing Support

Writing Support helps students to become better writers by engaging them in meaningful conversations about their writing including scientific lab report writing.

Ryerson University Library -- Instructional Services

RULA Instructional Services include Subject Oriented Classes; Drop-­‐in Workshops; Advanced Research Skills Workshop.

Ryerson University Library -- Ask a Librarian Service

RULA's Ask a Librarian Service is online real-­time research assistance in the use of academic library resources. 

English Language Support (SLC 4th Floor)

The ELS staff brings many years of language-­‐learning, international living, and university teaching experience to our work. We recognize that individual students have individual needs and we are committed to delivering a variety of English language support programs and services that fit into students' busy lives. The aim of our programs is to assist students to improve overall communication skills. ELS programs are free of charge for Ryerson students.

Centre for Student Development and Counselling (JOR-07C)

Our services, programs and resources are intended to assist students not only to solve immediate problems, but also to define their personal, academic and career goals, and to acquire the self-­confidence and transferable skills necessary for professional success and individual growth. We provide these services on a one-­to-­one basis or in a group format.

Academic Accommodation Support (SLC 4th Floor)

For students living with disabilities looking for help with their academic accommodations.

Tri-Mentoring Program

The Tri-­Mentoring Program aims to assist students at all levels of study in successful achievement of their goals. Through meaningful relationships with fellow students, industry professionals and the community at large, Tri-­Mentoring supports the unique needs of Ryerson's culturally diverse student body. All participants will benefit from the opportunities to grow as a student and a person through guidance, communication, leadership and a supportive community.

Career Development and Employment Centre

Resourses at the centre include: Career Planning; Resume and Portfolio Building; Job Searches; Interview Preparation; Job Offer Evaluation, as well as numerous Workshops and Events.