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Faculty of Science
First Year Science Transition Courses

First Year Science Transition courses allow students to take or repeat First Year Science courses through the day school (as opposed to the Chang School). These courses are recommended in particular for first year science students who have failed or dropped a course during their first year, providing an opportunity to transition to second year with the required prerequisites in place. 

During Spring transition, it is recommended that students take only one or two courses at a time. Due to the intensive delivery of these courses over 6 weeks, the workload is doubled per course compared to Fall and Winter terms.


Course Offerings

Spring 2020


  • MTH 207
  • MTH231
  • MTH310


Summer 2020


  • BLG 144
  • CHY 113
  • PCS 130


All Spring/Summer 2020 courses are offered through online delivery method.



Enrolment Information

Enrollment is always via RAMSS! Spring/Summer 2020 enrollment will commence May 15, 2020. Courses should be visible in RAMSS by mid-April.

For full list of significant dates, please use Spring/Summer 2020 Science Transition Dates & Offerings

How to Enroll

The foundation of the enrolment process is the Shopping Cart. It is used in much the same way as you use a shopping cart when shopping in your favourite store. However, instead of filling it with things you want to buy, you fill it with classes you want to enrol in.

When you use the Shopping Cart to enrol in classes you take the following steps to build your class schedule:

  • search for classes offered to your program and plan this term
  • put them in your Shopping Cart
  • check that the class pre-requisites and schedule fits your needs (validation)
  • if a class does not fit your schedule or you have not met the requisites, select another class and continue until all selected classes validate

Once you have successfully built your class schedule you can proceed to enrol in these classes. For a step-by-step guide, click RAMSS Support.


Fee Information

Fee information can be found here:


Student Learning Support 

SLG Schedule

Student Learning Centre is located at 341 Yonge St, 4th floor (corner of Yonge and Gould St). Phone: 416.598.5978 or by email For more more information, click SLC.


Other Course Offerings


Deadlines for these courses are different from those of the Science Transition program and OSMS. Please refer to the Chang School website for continuing education deadlines.


For general inquiries and information about Transition Program, please contact  Alina Velieva ( 

For help with academic planning, please contact your Academic Advisor or Program Director.

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