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Faculty of Science
Student awards

The university is launching its new awards management system, AwardSpring on August 12, 2019.  Moving forward with AwardSpring, current students will be able to log into the system to view them.

Entrance Scholarships (i.e. awards for which newly-admitted students must apply before their arrival to campus).

Awards Recipient Highlights, Featured Awards and International Student Awards now includes dedicated pages to highlight a few of our impressive award recipients and featured awards.



Dean's List

The Faculty of Science Dean's List honours students who have achieved high academic standing in their programs of study.  To be eligible for the Dean's List, undergraduate students must:

  • Carry an average unit load of 4.0 billing units or higher for the two terms of the academic year under consideration (Fall and Winter)
  • Obtain a minimum GPA of 3.5 for the academic year under consideration
  • Obtain passing grades in all courses and a clear academic standing for both terms
  • Not have received any Disciplinary Notations (DNs) while at Ryerson

Dean's List for the following academic years: