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Elementary School Activities

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Elementary Classroom Visits

Classroom Activities

We offer classroom partnerships, where we connect your class with a volunteer(s) who will visit 2-3 times throughout the school year and explore the different science units with you. If you would like to create a partnership please contact our outreach coordinators.

Please note that due to logistical restrictions, we are not able to visit additional elementary school classes at this time. We have entered into partnerships with several schools and are prioritizing these class visits.

Below is a list of our regular programs. Should registration for these class visits become available we will notify teachers through our Educator Newsletter., external link Thank you for your understanding.

Lava Lamps

Chemistry (Grades 2-7)

Description: covers properties of water and oil, molecules, substances and mixtures, rates of reaction; students use water, oil and food colouring to create the basis for lava lamps and add alkaseltzer to create a reaction.

Available: October - June, timing is dependant on volunteer availability

Activity specifications: It is preferable for schools to provide graduated cylinders for each pair of students. If this isn't available, please have students collect clear plastic water bottles for this activity.

Capacity: 1 class


Digestion Lab (aka Poop Lab!)

Biology (Grade 5)

Description: Students build a model of the human digestive system from intake to excrement.  

Available: October - June, timing is dependant on volunteer availability

Activity Specifications: This is a messy activity, so a lab or classroom where the desks can get a bit wet is ideal. We usually lay down a garbage bag to work on; providing newspaper is also helpful.

Capacity: 1 class


Pixel Colouring

Computer Science (Grades 3-8)

Description: Students explore computer languages through colouring! They use excel to colour their favourite pixel pic and learn how computers interpret colour using hex codes.

Available: October - June, timing is dependant on volunteer availability

Activity Specifications: Computer lab - one computer for each student. The computer must have Microsoft Excel and we will load the necessary file onto each computer prior to the activity.

Capacity: 1 class


To register for our programs please contact our coordinators with your requested program and a preferable date/time. We will endeavor to return your request within 2 business days. Please note that many of our programs fill up. To be notified when program registration is open, please sign up for our Educator Newsletter, external link.

We enjoy posting photos of our school visits.  Please have your students submit PDF fileimage consent forms and let us know if any parents decline consent.

E: scixchange[at]

P: 416-979-5000 x3134