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Forms and Guidelines:

Please note that in order to access and/or complete an electronic copy of the above-noted forms, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Writer respectively. Please contact our office at ext. 5011 (email: if you are unable to access these forms.


Deadlines: For deadline dates to appeal or drop courses, please refer to the Registrar's website at: 

AIC and SAC appeals committees - STUDENT representative APPLICATION FORM:


NOTE:  We are no longer accepting applications for membership on the AIC and SAC for 2018-2019.  The deadline for applications has expired.

Academic Integrity Council (AIC)  

Senate Appeals Committee (SAC)  

Undergraduate Appeals:

Department and Faculty Level Appeal Forms:

Student Guide to Avoiding Academic Appeals

Department/School Grade Appeal Form
Department/School Standing Appeal Form
Faculty Grade Appeal Form

Faculty Standing Appeal Form


Senate Appeals Committee (SAC) Level Grade and Standing Forms:
  Senate (SAC) Grade and Standing Appeal Submission Checklist
  Senate (SAC) Grade and Standing Appeal Form
Senate (SAC) Appeals Submission Guide

Appeals FAQ - Students - Senate Policy #134


For Department/School and Faculty Offices' Use Only:

Department Level Appeal Submission Checklist

Faculty Level Appeal Submission Checklist

Graduate Studies Appeals:
Graduate Appeal Form - Program Level
Graduate Appeal Form - Faculty Level
Senate (SAC) Graduate Appeal Form
Continuing Education Appeals:
Continuing Education (C.E) Grade Appeal Form
 Continuing Education (C.E.) Faculty Appeal Form
 Senate (SAC) Continuing Education Appeal Form
ACADEMIC INTEGRITY  Forms and Instructions:

Academic Integrity Council Level Forms:

Academic Integrity Council (AIC) Appeal Form

Academic Integrity Council (AIC) Checklist Form - Appeals

Academic Integrity Council (AIC) Response to Notice of Penalty Hearing Form
 Academic Integrity Council (AIC) Checklist Form - Penalty
Vice Provost Students Level Form:

Vice Provost Students Academic and Non-Academic Appeal Form


Senate (SAC) Level Academic Integrity and Non-Academic Integrity Forms:

Senate (SAC) Academic Integrity Appeal Submission Checklist

Senate Appeals Committee (SAC) Academic Integrity, and Non-Academic Integrity Appeals Form

Senate Appeals Committee (SAC) Response to Notification of Hearing Form
Senate Elections:
Senate Election Guidelines
 Elections Overview - Getting Involved
Chair Nomination Form
Faculty Nomination Form
CE Faculty Nomination Form
Undergraduate Student Nomination Form
CE Student Nomination Form
Graduate Student Nomination Form
Honorary Doctorate Nomination Form
 List of Awards - Ryerson-wide and Others
Ryerson Gold Medal Award - No application required 
Brian Segal Award  
Waiver form - Field Trips and Excursions

 Academic Consideration Request Form

Undergraduate Curriculum Modification Memo and Guidelines (2018)

Guide to Course Outlines and a Suggested Template

*New* Health Certificate and Instructions (replaces Medical Certificate)

 Probationary Contract

 Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observance Form and Instructions

 Statement on Freedom of Speech