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Policy 21: Academic Jurisdiction


Approval Date:              October 3, 1978 (Academic Standards Committee Report #27)

Status:                           CURRENT


Once the discipline(s) of the department(s) involved and the nature of the course(s) involved are determined, the following guidelines are to be applied:                                    

l.           If the academic nature of a course is found to lie in only one discipline, it is assigned to the department whose academic responsibility is to provide that discipline.                                      

2.           If a course is found to consist of a body of knowledge and more than one department can show that its discipline is similar to it, the course is assigned to the department which, historically, has been the primary provider of that discipline to Ryerson.                                          

3.           If the academic nature of a course is found to consist significantly of more than one discipline, and those disciplines are determined to be taught by different departments at Ryerson, the course is to be the joint responsibility of the departments concerned. The joint responsibility will give the departments involved shared jurisdiction.     The details of the mechanism for providing the shared jurisdiction will depend upon the circumstances of the case.                                     

Note:  See other policies dealing with course management and procedure

including Ref. No. 4 "Notification of Dates for Major Projects and Examinations", Ref. No. 15 "Evaluation of Courses", Ref. No. 26 "Scheduling of Major Tests", Ref. No. 29 "Course Management", Ref. No. 48 "Academic Term Committee", Ref. No. 93 "Minimum Acceptable Standards for Course Outlines and Course Management Requirements", and Ref. No. 102 "Early Feedback on Student Performance in a Course".  See also related curriculum policies including Ref. No. 7 "Procedures for the Preparation, Submission and Approval of Academic Proposals", Ref. No. 32 "Procedures for Program and Course Curricular Revisions", Ref. No. 33 "Program Balance", Ref. No. 35 "Degree Programs Policy", Ref. No. 45 "Constitutional Provisions for Department/School Councils", Ref. No. 112 "The Development, Review and Approval of New Undergraduate Degree Programs", Ref. No. 126 "The Periodic Review and  evaluation of Undergraduate Programs at Ryerson", and Ref. No. 127 "Procedures for Graduate Program Approval".