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Policy 39: Disposing Over a Challenge to a Book or Other Item in Holdings of the Ryerson Library

Academic Council Approval Date:   December 3, 1985

(Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Library Holdings)                                                 

The procedure and policy are outlined in the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Library Holdings. Academic Council adopted the full Report including all policies and procedures.                   

The committee summarized its main recommendations as follows:                       

1.    The Ryerson Library Selection and Discard policies should be endorsed, subject only to the limitations that accrue from adherence to the rule of law. (p.7)

2.    A formal challenge procedure shall be established to govern the manner and method whereby complaints against the holdings of the Library may be resolved. (p. 8-9)

3.    In those instances in which the response of the committee of Librarians is not acceptable to the complainant, and in those instances in which the material in question is the subject of adverse judgements in a Canadian Court of Law, an ad-hoc sub-committee of Academic Council shall be established to review the challenge and to make, on behalf of Council, a decision about the dispensation of the material in question; and that the decision of the sub-committee shall be final. (p.9)

4.    Material in the Library's holdings which is at present the subject of an adverse judgement in a Canadian Court of Law ought to be retained by the Library, be housed in an area of limited access, but be available for study to all who request access. (p.7)      

5.    In those instances where it is the clear will of this academic community, as determined and expressed by Academic Council through its designated committee, the Librarians undertake to present to the Library of Congress the University's case for amendments to the classification system, including the headings by which the subject content is identified, as it affects particular material in the Library collection. (p.8)                              


Note: Recommendation #3 was to be amended on May 7, 1991. However, the motion to change this recommendation was never brought to Academic Council for approval. Therefore, the role of the subcommittee of Academic Council is to take the final responsibility for a decision. Academic Council as a whole will not be recognized as having the responsibility for making the final decision on unresolved challenges to the library.