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Policy 48: Undergraduate Academic Term


Original Approval Date:                     May 5, 1987

Reformatted:                                     December 2012; April, 2002

Revised:                                             July 22, 2020; January 22, 2020

Revision Implementation Date:        Spring/Summer, 2020

Responsible Office:                           Registrar

1.         The length of the teaching term in each semester is 12 weeks, except in engineering programs where it is 13 weeks.  Senate may authorize a variation by resolution specifying the specific non-required course and naming the specific term in which the variation will apply.

2.         Registration and student orientation for Undergraduate programs will be held each year during the week preceding Labour Day.

3.         Undergraduate Program classes begin on the Tuesday after Labour Day, unless an exception for a specific non-required course in a specific term is authorized by Senate.

There will be no examinations or tests scheduled in the last week of the Fall and Winter terms.

Study weeks will be held on the weeks including Thanksgiving Day and Family Day.

The Winter Term Examination Period will normally end by April 30.

Due to final exam period time constraints, Ryerson finds it necessary to schedule final exams on Saturdays and Sundays.

The reporting of final grades will normally be done within one week of the end of the examination period.