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Policy 96: Approval of Candidates for Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates


Approval Date:     October 5, 1993

All Ryerson Polytechnic University awards will be formally considered and approved by Academic Council.

The Academic Awards and Ceremonials Committee, on behalf of Academic Council, will formally consider and approve all candidates for Ryerson Polytechnic University awards, including Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates.

The Registrar may submit candidates for University awards to the Academic Awards and Ceremonials Committee at such times during the academic year as may be appropriate.

Note: Other awards policies include: Ref. No. 2 "Recommendations of the Gold Medal Committee"

Ref. No. 8 "Procedures for Nomination & Selection of Candidates for Honorary Awards", and

Ref. No. 121 "Approval of the Honorary Doctoral Degree as Ryerson's Highest Honorary Award and Amendment of the Academic Awards and Ceremonials Committee's Terms of Reference".

See also other policies on diplomas including Ref. No. 120 "Phase-Out of the Landscape Architecture Diploma Program and Introduction of the Landscape Architecture Option in the Architectural Science Program", and

Ref. No. 133 "Elimination of all Remaining Diploma Exit Provisions in Ryerson Degree Programs".