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An ad hoc Committee of the Academic Governance and Policy
Committee (AGPC)


The Academic Policy Review Committee (APRC) is an ad hoc committee of the Academic Governance and Policy Committee (AGPC), which is a standing committee of Senate. The APRC's mandate is to review five academic policies and to make recommendations to AGPC, which will then make recommendations for policy revisions to Senate for approval.  The academic policies under review are: Policy134 Undergraduate Academic Consideration and Appeals; Policy 135 Examinations; Policy 145 Undergraduate Course Management; Policy 151 YSGS Course Management; and Policy 152 Graduate Student Academic Consideration and Appeals. 

The committee, which began its work in November 2015, provides regular updates on its progress to AGPC and to Senate.  APRC’s reports to Senate are linked below.

The APRC’s work is ongoing, and the committee has and will continue to consult with the Ryerson community.  Faculty, students, and staff are invited to provide feedback and comments to the APRC by writing to, or by contacting their representative on the APRC. 


APRC Committee Membership - 2017-2018: 



APRC Interim Report to Senate April 5, 2016
OHRC Report to Senate May  31, 2016
Senate Agenda May 31, 2016
Faculty/Student Town Hall Consultation Slides September, 2016
APRC Interim Report to Senate January 31, 2017



Undergraduate Academic Consideration and Appeals (Pol 134)
Examination Policy (Pol 135)

Undergraduate Course Management Policy (Pol 145)

Graduate Studies Course Management Policy (Pol 151)
Graduate Student Academic Consideration & Appeals Policy (Pol 152)