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Removal of Students from Field Placements Practicums - Policy 156

Ryerson University reserves the right, at any point during a program, to remove a student from a field placement/practicum (placement), in a situation in which clients or others are placed at risk, or when the student engages in persistent or significant unprofessional behaviour. As per procedures outlined in the Student Code of Academic and Non-Academic Conduct, which shall be invoked, students may appeal the decision. In this case, however, a student may not remain in the placement during their appeal.

The Departments and Schools with such placements must develop both a Student Code of Professional Conduct and procedures related to this policy. This information must be published in student or placement handbooks, program websites, and/or relevant course outlines to ensure accessibility by faculty, students, placement managers/ coordinators, preceptors or other professionals who are mentoring students.  

This policy does not apply to cooperative placements or internships.