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Important Information: FCAD, FCS, Faculty of Arts, CE and Graduate Studies students.

Due to COVID 19, all Department level, Faculty level, and Senate level grade and standing appeal submissions must be scanned and emailed directly rather than submitted in person.

Department level appeals must go to Department Chairs/Directors. Faculty level appeals must go to your Associate Dean.  Senate level appeals must be submitted to

All relevant deadlines for submissions will remain the same.   


Below is a list of the Senate’s policies. To sort the policies, click on the column header or use the search field to find specific policies.

Policy Number Policy Name
1 PDF fileAdmission to Undergraduate Programs
2 PDF fileUndergraduate Curriculum Structure
21 PDF fileAcademic Jurisdiction
37 PDF fileDealing with Disputes Over Grades Between a Chair and Faculty
39 PDF fileDisposing Over a Challenge to a Book or Other Item in Holdings of the Ryerson Library
45 PDF fileGovernance Councils
46 PDF filePolicy on Undergraduate Grading, Promotion, and Academic Standing ("GPA Policy")
48 PDF fileUndergraduate Academic Term
51 PDF fileEthical Conduct for Research Involving Human Participants  
52 PDF fileEthics Review of Research Involving Animals
56 PDF filePublication of Research Results
58 PDF fileResearch Using Biohazardous Materials
60 PDF fileAcademic Integrity
60 - 1) Procedures   PDF fileAcademic Integrity Procedures
60 - 2) Guidelines PDF fileAcademic Integrity Guidelines
61 PDF fileStudent Code of Non-academic Conduct
63 PDF filePolicy on Ownership of Student Work in Research
76 PDF fileDevelopment & Review of Certificate Programs
86 PDF filePolicy & Procedures for Verification of Faculty Credentials Published in the Ryerson Calendar
95 PDF fileDevelopment & Approval of Int'l. Partnerships and Int'l. (and National) Mobility Programs
96 PDF fileApproval of Candidates for Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates
103 PDF fileMission and Aims of Ryerson University
110 PDF fileIQAP Policy - Institutional Quality Assurance Process
112 PDF fileIQAP Policy - Development of New Graduate and Undergraduate Programs
118 PDF fileSRC Integrity Policy
126 PDF fileIQAP Policy - Periodic Program Review of Graduate and Undergraduate
127 PDF fileIQAP Policy - Curriculum Modifications: Graduate and Undergraduate Programs
134 PDF fileUndergraduate Academic Consideration and Appeals
135 PDF fileFinal Examinations
139 PDF fileFunding of Graduate Students
143 PDF filePolicy on the Indirect Costs Associated with Scholarly, Research and Creative  (SRC) Funding
144 PDF filePolicy on Research Centres
146 PDF fileLaptop Policy
150 PDF fileAccommodation of Student Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observance
152 PDF fileGraduate Student Academic Consideration & Appeals Policy
153 PDF fileNon-Competitive Agreements
154 PDF fileSigning of Research Applications and Agreements in Support of Research  
156 PDF fileRemoval of Students from Field Placements Practicums
157 PDF fileEstablishment and Use of Ryerson E-mail Accounts for Official University Communication
158 PDF fileProgram Advisory Councils
159 PDF fileAcademic Accommodation of Students with Disabilities
160 PDF filePosthumous Awards
161 PDF fileStudent Awards Policy
162 PDF fileGrade Reassessment and Grade Recalculation Policy
163  (Retirement of Pol 142) PDF fileGraduate Admissions Policy
164  (Retirement of Pol 142) PDF fileGraduate Status, Enrolment, and Evaluation Policy
166 (merged policies 145 and 151 - Effective Sept. 1, 2019) PDF fileCourse Management Policy
  PDF fileSenate Policy Framework