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Yeates School of Graduate Studies Reports

Date Report
October 5, 2021 No report
November 2, 2021 No report
Dates Reports
October  6, 2020 No report
November 3, 2020 No report
December 1,  2020                No report
January 26, 2021             

PDF fileYSGS Report #W2021-1:

PPR - Biomedical Physics Graduate Program

March 2, 2021          

PDF fileReport #W2021-2

Masters of Social Work Graduate Program Council Bylaws
TRSM Graduate Program Council Bylaws

April 6, 2021 No report
May 4, 2021 PDF fileReport #W2021-3
June 1, 2021 PDF fileReport #W2021-4
Dates Reports
October  1, 2019 No report
November 5, 2019

PDF fileYSGS Report #W2019-1:

New program - PhD in Management (TRSM)

December 3, 2019 No report
January 28, 2020

PDF fileYSGS Report #W2020-1:

Periodic Program Review of Math Graduate Programs
Periodic Program Review of Economics Graduate Programs
Periodic Program Review of Philosophy Graduate Program

March 3, 2020

PDF fileYSGS Report #W2020-2:

New program proposal for the Media and Design Innovation Graduate Program PPR for the Public Policy and Administration Graduate Program PPR for the Urban Development Graduate Program

April 7, 2020 No Report
May 5, 2020

PDF fileYSGS Report #W2020-3:

Major Modifications for the Biomedical Physics graduate program (MSc/PhD) Major Modifications for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program Major Modifications in Master of International Economics and Finance (MA) program

June 2, 2020

PDF fileYSGS Report- #W2020-4:

New Masters of Fine Arts program in Scriptwriting and Story Design – Faculty of Communication and Design

Dates Reports
Dates Reports
Dates Reports
October 4, 2016 PDF file#F2016-1
Proposal for an MA in Criminology and Social Justice
December 6, 2016 No report  
January 31, 2017

PDF file#W2017-1

  • Professional Masters Diploma in Management of Technology & Innovation
  • Periodic Program Review for  Master of Nursing Program
  • Periodic Program Review for Masters in Documentary Media Program
  • Periodic Program Review for Aerospace Engineering Graduate Programs
March 7, 2017 PDF file#W2017-2
Periodic Program Review for Master of Business Administration (MBA) Global Program
April 4, 2017  
May 2, 2017  
Dates Reports
October 6, 2015

PDF file#F2015-1:                                               

  • MA (Child & Youth)                              
  • MA (Biomedical Eng Program Proposal)                                               
  • PhD (Mathematical Modelling & Methods)                                                 
  • MA (Data Science & Analytics)           
  • MA (Eng. Innovation & Entrep.)              
  • PMDip (Canadian Business for Int'l.)
  • Students & New Canadians)         
  • PMDip (Chartered Financial Acc.)          
  • PMDip (Certified Financial Analyst) PMDip (Finance & Social Innovation)
November 3, 2015

#F2015-2 (for information):

Change of the initialism for the Master of  Science in Management degree from MSM to MScM (originally brought for information at the December 2014 Senate meeting)

January 26, 2016

PDF file#W2016-1

PPR - Media Production

Dates Reports
May 3, 2011 PDF fileW2011-1 YSGS Report to Senate
Dates Reports
October 2, 2007 PDF fileF2007-1 Report to Senate
December 4, 2007 PDF fileF2007-2 Report to Senate
April 1, 2008 PDF fileW2008-1 Report to Senate