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How I Dress Is Never A Yes Gallery

October 01, 2020 - October 30, 2020
All Day
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No matter how we dress it is never a yes. Ryeson community members are invited to be part of the How I Dress Is Never A Yes for It pop-up gallery from October 19th to October 30th. You can participate by taking a photo of a piece of clothing or outfit worn when you were subjected to sexual harassment, violence, threat or intimation. You and your clothing are your witnesses, voice and memory. Submissions are due by October 10th. Submissions can be made here:

The How I Dress Is Never A Yes gallery challenges the pervasive rape myth that someone‚Äôs outfit, attitude or actions cause sexual violence. It will feature student stories from across Canada of resilience, healing and resistance.  The clothing and affirmations will be displayed with an image caption by student survivors. No names or other identifiers will be included. All submissions will be kept anonymous. This gallery is curated by Consent Comes First, Ryerson University, Carleton Sexual Violence Support Office and Gendered and Sexual Violence Prevention and Support at Laurier University. How I Dress Is Never A Yes Gallery is inspired by the groundbreaking work by Blank Noise! in India who are the original creators of the gallery. gallery builds on the initiative #INeverAskForIt created by Blank Noise, external link. We are grateful for their brilliant work and long history of organizing on this matter.  

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