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Consent Comes First offers a number of open and closed support groups throughout the year for Ryerson community members affected by sexual violence and other forms of gender-based violence. The groups are an opportunity to learn and heal with your peers. There is power in connection. 

Information on the groups is available below. To inquire about our groups or to register please email Remember to check back regularly to learn of added groups, or follow us on Instagram, external link and Twitter, external link to receive updates.

Currently, Consent Comes First has four groups available to the Ryerson community. Due to COVID-19, we are hosting all our groups virtually for the time being. 

Fall and Winter 2021/2022 Groups

Graphic of a girl taking a mirror selfie with the text "I'm writing a new story".

I'm Writing A New Story

I'm Writing A New Story is a writing group for survivors of gender-based violence. We welcome all genders and sexualities. The group is a low key space for people to come together, gently explore our survivorship, have fun, and nerd out. We take inspiration from the natural world, our favourite books, movies, tv shows, and music. Each session will focus on one over arching theme and will incorporate group and individual activities. Past attenders always welcome, activities updated each session. Join us for the Fall 2021 Session where we'll focus on "Letting Go, Loss, and Leaving", short fiction and poetry and also ghost stories, because it's the fall and we kind of have to. Because it's the fall. 

Graphic of a blue background with a cup sprouting a cloud with the text "cloud in my cup" on it.

The Cloud In My Cup

The Cloud in my Cup is a group for East and Southeast Asian survivors of gender-based violence. We'll create a space where we can talk about gendered racism, frustrating stereotypes, and what we love about our cultures. This group will involve discussion, arts and crafts, some writing and lots of opportunities for connecting with your peers. And cute food puns. And probably some cat videos. 

A teenage girl looking at herself in the mirror

We Heal Together

We Heal Together is a support group for Black folks looking for alternative community healing methods. This group acknowledges the systemic barriers and erasure of black folks in survivor-led spaces. As Black people, our experiences with sexual trauma and hypersexualization is influenced by colonialism and anti-Black racism. Healing from our traumas requires different alternative methods that are within a closed safe space for the Black community. We will provide alternative healing methods through mindfulness techniques, reclaiming our narratives and multiple art mediums with guest speakers to help us along our healing journeys. 

Illustration by Amika Cooper aka Black Power Barbie, external link

Illustration of a character writing in a journal with the on the graphic saying "Bloom".

Bloom - A Muslim Writing Group

Bloom is a 4 week virtual program that invites Muslim students to reflect, relax and enjoy in guided bullet-journaling exercises centred in healing from trauma, identity, and self-care in an anti-racist and anti-sectarian space. 

There are a number of barriers Muslim students face in their pursuit of seeking safe spaces dedicated to healing from trauma, and especially trauma borne of gender based violence.  Among these hurdles is the colonial and Islamophobic gaze through which the experiences of Muslim survivors are viewed. Others include assumptions about why Muslims may or may not choose to openly discuss their experiences, or how to share what they have been through, and expectations about how Muslims should heal serve as deterrents and create an environment that is unlikely to promote healing.

Illustration of two characters holding hands with the title above saying "tender queers".

Tenderqueers - A Self-Care Group for LGBTQIA2S+ Survivors

Tender Queers is a 4-week virtual group where LGBTQ+ folks can make connections, explore self-care tools, and take a breath! Throughout the 4 weeks, we will explore different themes connected to self-care through writing, mindfulness, art, and conversation. This group is open to Ryerson students who are LGBTQ2SI and have been affected by gender-based violence. 

LGBTQ+ survivors can experience unique challenges in healing from gender-based violence in addition to potential feelings of isolation and barriers in accessing support during a global pandemic. This group aims to create a space where LGBTQ+ survivors can connect with others and feel supported, as well as, build on and develop strategies for self-care. 

Graphic of the text "Lotus" on top of a green oval shape with a light green background surrounded with outlines of flowers and hands.


Lotus is a group for South Asian survivors of gender-based violence. We will create a safe space for us to come together and talk about things like our identities, culture, family, and dating. We will have group activities and opportunities for you to connect with one another. For the book lovers out there, we will also be delving into Fariha Róisín's guided journal Being in Your Body (we will all be provided a copy). We will spend the last hour of our time with our very own book club filled with self-love, writing prompts, and thoughtful discussion!