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Academic Considerations and Workplace Accommodation

A person affected by sexualized violence often experiences a range of physical and emotional reactions that can impact their ability to perform academically or at work. As professors and employers, it is our responsibility to accommodate their needs. Consent Comes First can support students, faculty and staff in need of academic considerations and workplace accommodations. 


A student experiencing the above may seek academic considerations or accommodations including. When there has been a situation, the university will support a change in academic expectations, even after published deadlines as per the Ryerson University Sexual Violence Policy. This may include:

  • Withdrawing from a class or for a semester
  • Extensions for coursework or makeup of missed tests/assignments
  • Changing course sections or classroom locations

Consent Comes First will work with you to make a request for Academic considerations.  

If students develop chronic symptoms, registering with Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) may be appropriate. This type of accommodation includes alternative testing options, additional time on tests and exams, note-taking, and alternative formats. Registration with AAS is based on a current and thorough assessment from an appropriately registered practitioner qualified to diagnose the condition.

Faculty and staff

Faculty and staff who have been impacted by sexual violence and are unable to perform their professional responsibilities may wish to work with our office to determine appropriate accommodations with their union, supervisor, Human Resources, and/or The Office of Vice-Provost Faculty Affairs.

Accommodations may include:

  • Workplace absences
  • Schedule changes
  • Time off for counselling

Faculty and Staff that have been employed for 13 weeks or more are entitled to a Domestic or Sexual Violence Leave., external link, opens in new window