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Safety Guides

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You have the right to be safe, and Consent Comes First is here to help you envision and build that safety. On the left side of the page, you’ll find tabs with strategies for building safety online, at home, on campus, if you're being stalked, and for cultivating safety within yourself. The resources provided here are to help you create a personal safety plan. 

Why are safety plans important?

Complete safety is not always possible for many of us - it is an ongoing project. Even when we have safety plans, violence may still happen. If it does, it can be hard to remind ourselves that it’s not our fault and that our safety plans are not useless.

Gender based violence is always the fault of the person causing harm, not the person being harmed.

While CCF recognizes the limitations of safety planning, we also recognize how it can be used to enhance and empower our sense of well being, and reduce the harm that is being caused. The aim of this page and the resources shared here is to give you more tools to add to your toolkit for having safer interactions online, and in real life.

Safety planning is about supporting the ways you are already keeping yourself safe and looking for ways to make yourself safer in difficult situations. From securing your email to sending details about a date to a trusted friend– we safety plan because we know that we are not always safe, we can’t always control the situations we are in,  but we can help each other to try to be safer. 


Safety looks different for all of us.

Maybe you need strategies to get home from class without fear, how to document violence you're navigating or tools to push back against the harms of emotional abuse. These resources are here to help guide you.

We hope this information helps you to build patterns and practices that can help you find and maintain a stronger sense of safety in your life.

If you would like more support with anything on these pages, remember: our office is here for you.