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Take Action

Text: "This is how we take care of each other." Badges behind text say, call in, get help, distract, safety plan, check in, be brave.

Our Community. Our Responsibility.

Ryerson is committed to fostering a campus where consent comes first. Together we support survivors when they disclose, prevent and address sexual violence.  We learn about the issue, contribute to the conversation and are part of the change on campus.  There are lots of ways you can take action against sexualized violence be it our advisory commitee, attending feminist hour events, building your skills on bystander intervention or joining the Consent Action Team. 

Have ideas for a project or campaign? Email us at - we would love to work with you!


We love people sharing our work! If you do, please make sure to reference Consent Comes First: The Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education, opens in new window. For more information e-mail us at