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Begin by Listening Symposium

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The Ontario University Sexual Violence Network students, staff and faculty to the first Annual Begin by Listening: Sexual Violence Student Activism Symposium to be held virtually on November 5th, 2021.

This virtual conference will feature outstanding student (graduate and undergraduate) research, art, activism and advocacy on sexual violence and consent culture. 



Registration is FREE. 

Please go to the conference website to register for all the conference sessions

It's important to note that this symposium is centred on student voices and experiences. While we welcome all folks, we ask that non-student attendees listen, respect and learn from these voices.

Hear Us Now: Student Leaders Creating Consent Culture On Campus Panel November 4, 6:00 - 7:30

Student Leaders Creating Consent Culture On Campus Panel featuring Chenthoori Malankov, Aubrianna Snow, Jaye Garcia and Radhika G. Join us to learn about ways students are addressing sexualized violence and creating change campuses across Canada.

Chenthoori Malankov (she/her) is a daughter of the Thamil Diaspora. She is a grassroots, feminist anti-violence against women advocate. She lives and works on the traditional territory of many nations, including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, and the Wendat peoples. Chenthoori is currently completing her Masters in Social Work at York University where she incorporates a care and healing justice framework. She is committed to cultivating and dreaming of a better world for all marginalized communities.

Jaye Garcia (they/them) is a fat, queer, Latinx community-based organizer with a passion for nurturing communities of care, especially when informed by transformative healing justice work. Working towards their MSW at York University, Jaye is eager to centre anti-oppressive and abolitionist social work praxis to redress the inevitable harm experienced by service users and front-line helpers alike who don’t fit the status quo in non-profit and post-secondary settings—which remain inherently colonial, white and ableist AF. With re-written survivor & healing narratives of their own, including the recent resettlement from Edmonton to Toronto, Jaye remains bitter but eager to partake in collective action in visualizing and working towards futures that centre survivors of gender-based violence in transformative ways.

Radhika G (she/her) is an international student who grew up on unneeded Ohlone land (alternatively, the Bay Area). She emigrated to Toronto for her undergraduate studies at UTSC where she is majoring in Women & Gender Studies and minoring in International Development & City Studies. She joined Courage to Act in 2019 as part of the International Students Community of Practice. Through the toolkit, she contributed to and future work and advocacy in the realm of GBV, she hopes to encourage PSIs to offer more culturally aware, trauma-informed, and survivor-centric resources and services for impacted folks. She believes “I cannot do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good I can do” are words to live by.

Aubrianna Snow (she/her) is a k’taqmkuk lnu’skw currently living in Treaty Six Territory. She is a budding communications professional, advocate for consent education, and former student leader. Currently in her final semester of a Bachelor of Communications degree, Aubrianna spent two years as Vice President Student Life at the Student’s Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) and was the founder of SAMU’s Student Voice on Violence Elimination Committee. She was a part of the Student Organizers’ Community of Practice for the Courage to Act project and served as a peer educator on consent early in her post-secondary career. Since exiting student politics, Aubrianna has worked with Healthy Campus Alberta and is currently working as a Moderator on Kids Help Phone’s peer support platform. Her life’s work is helping to build a safer and healthier world for future generations through good relationships and communication. She also enjoys beading, creative writing, spending time with her many pets, and learning additional languages. She is conversational in Spanishand Russian and hopes to spend time travelling following the completion of her education.

November 5th Concurrent Session Speakers

  • Nealob Kakar: Intergenerational: Trauma that Crosses Blood and Borders
  • Prish: ‘Bloom Bold Flower, Bloom' 
  • Kharoll-Ann Souffrant: "The freedom to be bothered" as a white and bourgeois privilege: power, race and gender in news media during the #MeToo movements of France and Quebec
  • Elizabeth-Serwaa Peprah: "What Is The Voice Reclamation Campaign? Education Through Cultural Production in 70 Points" 
  • Dr. Jessica Wright: “Fostering Critical Consent Culture on Campus: Using a Disability Justice Framework in Consent Education to Promote Collective Care”
  • Shannon Thom: “Grey Areas of Consent: Shaping the Next Generation of Consent Culture”
  • Raghad Elgamal: “The 5 stages of grief and loss”
  • Sabrina Masud: “Kintsugi”
  • Maddie Brockbank: “Engaging men in sexual violence prevention”
  • Novera Shenin: ““Not So Little Now”
  • Simon Popescu: “The Lady of Shalott
  • Daysha Loppie: Misogynoir: Sharing a personal narrative of resistance
  • Holly Smith: Queering Sexual Violence Prevention Education

Questions? Access Requirements? Support Needs? Media Inquiries We Got You!

General Support: If at any point you run into any issues or have questions, please visit the Support Room where counsellors, peer supporters will be hanging out waiting to help! You can also email us at

Accessibility Support: If you have questions about access needs please email 

Safety Support: For any questions or concerns about safety during the Symposium, please email Klehr Douza or Barb Lotan

Media Inquiries: Please contact

Keynote Speaker

Lydia Collins.

Lydia Collins - Keynote Speaker

Lydia Collins is an Author, Educator, and Creator from the Niagara Region, currently residing in Montreal. She published her first chapbook of poetry Angry. Black. Woman. in January 2019, her second To Everyone We've Ever Been in September 2020, a free digital chapbook In Transit in February 2021, and produced her first short film Joy Is Our Birthright in October 2020. Lydia is the former African, Caribbean, and Black HIV Prevention Strategy Worker at Somerset West Community Health Centre, and has most recently entered her role as Learning & Development Specialist at the African and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario. Lydia's unwavering love for writing and community health are what keep her determined to continue amplifying marginalized voices through telling her own story.