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E-Learning Course

Together we can create a campus where consent comes first.

All first-year undergraduate students are urged to participate in the e-learning module This is How We Take Care of Each Other: Addressing Sexual Violence on Campus by Consent Comes First. It provides important information on relationships, consent, intervening to prevent harm and support services if you have been affected by sexual violence.

The module was created in consultation with students, faculty and staff. It will take approximately 45 minutes. Give yourself time to take a break, drink some water, or resume it at another time.

Students are enrolled in the course with the approval of their program Directors/Chairs. The Ontario government has mandated universities to make training on sexual violence and consent accessible to all students. The course is optional - it is not mandatory and it does not impact a student's grades.

Creating a culture of consent on campus to prevent sexual violence is everyone’s responsibility. We can do this by talking about relationships and consent, being prepared to support people when they disclose they have been affected by sexual violence and intervening in situations that could lead to harm. At Ryerson, consent comes first in all relationships – with your peers, staff, community members.