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Ontario Student Grant

If you have applied to OSAP, you already been considered for the Ontario Student Grant (OSG). Launched in 2017, the OSG makes post-secondary education more accessible than ever - especially if you’re a low- or middle-income student. You might even be eligible for free tuition!

If you're a dependent, post-secondary student and your parents earn $50,000 or less in annual income, you will receive enough grants (money you don’t have to pay back) to cover the average cost of your college or university tuition.

Interested in OSG, but don’t want student loans? Submit an OSAP application at - after you receive your assessment, you will be able to select the "no loan option" to receive grant-only funding.

Please note: If you receive the OSG and withdraw from your program within 30 days, the grant will be converted into a repayable loan.