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Ryerson Bursary

Current Ryerson Students:

Are you in financial need? We'd like to help. Complete the Ryerson Bursary Application - we'll see how we can support you.

Do you have a financial emergency? Come see us at the ServiceHub - we'll see how we can help. If you're worried about being able to eat, we also recommend checking out The Good Food Centre - they offer hunger relief to help you through a difficult period.

Ryerson Bursary Terms and Conditions:

The Ryerson Bursary 

The Ryerson Bursary is intended to provide students with financial assistance as a result of sudden or unexpected circumstances/emergencies for which they could not have planned. It is not meant to address funding shortfalls where government financial aid (e.g. OSAP, FAFSA, or out-of-province funding), savings, or employment income is insufficient to cover educational expenses. Should students obtain a bursary, it should not be relied on as a consistent source of income.

A Ryerson Bursary is not guaranteed for each student that applies; bursary applications are assessed individually by looking at each student’s financial situation (budget form) and circumstances. It is expected that students exhaust all other forms of funding before seeking bursary assistance. For instance, if a student is eligible to receive a government loan, but declines it, this would undermine their eligibility to receive a bursary.

Ryerson University believes that funding a student’s education is a shared responsibility, and thus, it is expected that students are able to contribute financially to their education.

Information submitted in bursary applications will be verified; the misrepresentation of information may result in the disqualification of your application.

Values Subject to Change

The availability and monetary value of bursaries is subject to change. The University reserves the right to change the amount disbursed for a given bursary in light of new information which was not available at the time of disbursement (e.g. change in course load, withdrawal from a program, new disbursement of a scholarship/award or government financial assistance, etc.)

Bursary recipients are responsible for notifying the Student Awards and Scholarships Office (SASO) of any changes to their particular situation (i.e. students drop courses, OSAP funding comes through, situation is remedied prior to bursary assistance being granted, etc.).

Given the situational nature of bursary assistance, SASO reserves the right to reassess or adjust any funding granted, should the conditions under which the funds were granted change. Students will be contacted via their Ryerson email should their bursary amount be adjusted.

Request for Reconsideration and Discretion of the University

Every attempt has been made to be clear in the communication of the terms and conditions outlined in this document. In the event of any interpretive disputes, Ryerson University reserves the right to render a final determination on eligibility for bursary funding. Interpretation of information provided in bursary applications is solely at the discretion of Ryerson University.

Clarifying amendments to the terms and conditions for bursaries may be made by Ryerson without notice.

Additional Resources

We know that financial challenges sometimes come with other personal struggles, and Ryerson has a number of resources to support you and your well-being:

  • Development and Counselling – Counsellors can meet with you one-on-one to discuss a wide variety of personal concerns or crisis situations.
  • Study Skills and Transition Support – Could your study skills use some work? Learn new strategies and tools including specialized support for writing, math and English.
  • Academic Accommodation Support – Accommodations are available for temporary or permanent disabilities including assistive technology, academic arrangements, financial assistance and more.
  • Health and Wellness – If you’re looking for help making healthy lifestyle changes, check out the many programs, resources and services to help you thrive.