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Discover Sir John A's Toronto

Sir John A. Macdonald’s legacy is as colourful as it is controversial.  He was, arguably, one of the most prominent Fathers of Confederation who brokered the treaty with England that established the country of Canada.  Macdonald was appointed to act as Canada’s first prime minister after the new nation was formed on July 1, 1867.  He served as PM for 19 years, the second longest tenure in Canadian history.

This tour looks at the impact Macdonald had on the country and how the city of Toronto influenced his social, political and economic views.

Sir John A. Macdonald
Sir John A. Macdonald Credit: George Lancefield / Library and Archives Canada

Virtual Tour

This website takes you on a virtual tour of Sir John A. Macdonald’s Toronto – where he lived, who he met, and what he did. Along with historical information you will also see archival photographs of the man, the people he associated with and the Toronto landmarks that distinguished his time here. In addition, you can also hear historically accurate re-enactments of speeches given by Macdonald and his contemporaries.

Podcast & Map

Download the audio podcast and let it act as your virtual tour guide of Sir John A. Macdonald’s Toronto. Narrated by Ryerson University professor and noted Macdonald historian Patrice Dutil, the podcast tells you Macdonald’s story as you walk the streets that he walked. Also download the walking tour map that shows you how to get to each of the 9 stops on the tour. This is perfect for self-guided individual tours, group tours or class outings.

Download the App

This version of the tour combines the podcast and map in one convenient mobile app. It includes an audio version of the tour narrated by Ryerson University professor and noted Macdonald historian Patrice Dutil, a built-in map that will guide you to each location PLUS bonus features only available on the app.

There are nine stops on this tour covering a distance of about 2.4 kilometres (1.5 miles). Depending on traffic, weather and how quickly you walk, the tour should take you 60-90 minutes to complete.


Choose the version of the tour that best suits your needs and discover how the city of Toronto helped shape the man who shaped the country.