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For all Blue Mountain trips:

  • Travel costs start from $20.00
  • Night passes (3:30 pm - close) start from $47.00
  • Day passes (9:00 am - 4:30 pm) start from $79.00
  • If you need rental equipment it will range between $69.00 and $89.00
Shown prices do not include taxes and tips.


December 20 - Blue Montain 1-day trip. 

All seats will require pre-payment to be reserved on first-come first-serve basis.


  • IKON pass/Blue Mountain season pass holders: $40.00
  • Non-IKON pass holders who have full equipment:  $129.00
Registration deadline:  December 1, 2021.



January 15 - Blue Mountain 1-day trip

January 28/29 - Blue Mountain 1- day trip 

Check back later for more details. 



February 12 - Blue Mountain 1-day trip

February 21-25 - Reading Week Mont Tremblant 5-day trip

Check back later for more details. 



All March trips are subject to weather conditions.