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Journal Articles

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

  • Sensitivity Analysis of Steel Moment Connections with Shape Memory Alloy Bolts
    17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Sendai, Japan, September 9
    Nia, MM and Moradi, S

  • Optimization of Energy Dissipating Steel Plate Fuses
    17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Sendai, Japan, September 9
    Shah, ASM and Moradi, S

  • Parametric study of energy dissipating steel plate fuses
    The International Conference on Civil Engineering Fundamentals and Applications (ICCEFA’20). Virtual Conference, September 7
    Shah, ASM and Moradi, S 

  • Parametric Study of Sloped Reduced Beam Section (RBS) Steel Connections, external link, opens in new window
    CSCE 2019 Annual Conference, Laval, Canada, June 12
    Nia, MM and Moradi, S

  • Seismic Performance of a Self-Centering Steel Moment Frame Building
    11 National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Los Angeles, United States, June 25
    Guan, X., Moradi, S., and Burton, H.

  • Seismic Response Sensitivity of Controlled Rocking Steel Braced Frames
    CSCE 2018 Annual Conference, Fredericton, Canada, June 14
    Moradi, S and Burton, HV

  • Self-Centering Earthquake-Resistant Steel Buildings: Simulation and Performance Assessment
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, Guest Presenter, Graduate Seminar, May 2
    Moradi, S

  • Cyclic Behavior of Post-Tensioned Steel Beam Column Connections with Reduced Length Strands
    CSCE 2017 Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada, May 
    Chowdhury, AMD, Rahmzadeh, A, Moradi, S, and Alam, MS

  • ANSYS Modeling of Post-Tensioned Steel Connections under Cyclic Loading, external link, opens in new window
    CSCE Annual Conference, London, Ontario, Canada, June 1
    Moradi, S and Alam, MS

  • Feasible Application of Shape Memory Alloy Plates in Steel Beam-column Connections, external link, opens in new window
    Structures Congress, Portland, Oregon, USA, April 23
    Moradi, S and Alam, MS

  • Smart Materials: Shape Memory Alloys in Steel Frames
    1st Annual Engineering Graduate Symposium, School of Engineering, UBC Okanagan, May 20
    Moradi, S

  • Incremental Dynamic Analysis of Shape Memory Alloy Braced Steel Frames, external link, opens in new window,
    Applied Mechanics and Materials 680: 263-266.
    Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Mechanical Structures and Smart Materials, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 16
    Moradi, S., and Alam, M. S.

  • Comparative Seismic Response of Steel Braced Frames with Shape Memory Alloy Braces and Buckling Restrained Braces
    14th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering. Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia, August 30
    Asgarian, B, Moradi, S, and Shokrgozar, HR

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