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Map the System

Sheldomar Elliott holding microphone in hand, looking to the left when smiling, standing in front of black backdrop.

Map the System (MTS) supports students in studying and researching a complex social or environmental issue through skill-building workshops and mentorship from faculty members and community leaders. Through the program, students identify an issue, develop their skills in critically understanding the components to the issue, and are guided through creating a report and visual map based on their learning. The program concludes with a virtual showcase where students present their work to the community of mentors that contributed their expertise. 

After the program, students have the option of applying for funding to further their learning through Apprenticing with a Problem, and be considered for a national competitive event.

"Go into MTS with an open mind, leave your preconceptions and biases at the door! The intention is to map a system - it’s not to look at a particular issue with the background knowledge that you already have."

Sahil Parikh, Ryerson Finalist, Map the System 2020

Map the System 2020

2020 Finalists

Mapping the crisis of affordable rental housing in Toronto.

Watch Now

Watch the virtual celebratory showcase of our 2020 Map the System (MTS) program!